Things people never say about school

“Thank goodness I have 5 projects due tonight.”

Said no one.  Ever.  EVER.

Along those lines, here’s some other things people never say about school.

  • “Ugh do we have to have Memorial Day off?”
  • “Weekends suck.”
  • “I’m glad I stayed up til 4 working on that paper.”
  • “Dang it I hate extra credit.”
  • “Fingers crossed the professor will hate my paper I spent 3 weeks on.”
  • “Awesome, I lost my student I.D.”
  • “No no, I don’t need an extension on the project due tonight.  I love a challenge.”
  • “I’m so jealous that you stayed in this lab for the past 20 hours.  Cozy.”
  • “Sometimes I wish my study group  for this project was full of lazy people.”
  • “Darn, there was a curve on the test.”

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