New Semester, New Commitments!

Hello you beautiful people. I missed you.

So, it’s a new semester.

This is my LAST SEMESTER EVAHHH at Iowa State, and I want to make the most of it! So, I’ve made a combination of my college bucket list and my New Years Resolution list to come up with what I want to be my best (and LAST) semester ever!

  1. Join the Gaffer’s Guild: I have ALWAYS wanted to try glassblowing, and Iowa State has an organization dedicated to that! I’ve been on their mailing list since freshman year and have never really committed to it. That changes NOW.
  2. Work out: I know this is a REALLY cliche resolution for a new year. But seriously, I think I’ve taken advantage of the awesome gyms here only like 2 or 3 times ever simply because I’ve been more focused on classwork. So, to force myself to actually use my muscles for more than eating and smiling, I have added a kinesiology class: weight lifting. I’m going to get ripped out of my mind.
  3. Take classes in the Workspace: Inside the Memorial Union is the Workspace, where they have art classes for jewelry, woodworking, pottery, screen-printing, and more. I FINALLY want to take one of these classes and make something cool!
  4. Sleep: I don’t sleep much and I almost always schedule classes at 8 or 9AM. I don’t know why I do this to myself. This semester, my earliest class is at 10! I’m going to get so much beauty sleep that people will faint at the sheer hotness of my face. Add that to my new muscles and artistry and I’m practically a Greek god.
  5. Code for FUN: So I’m a computer science major, you can’t expect me to not like coding at least a little bit. I want to code for fun, not just for classwork. So far, I’ve committed code to my GitHub account every day this year. Let’s see how long this trend lasts!
  6. Do an intramural: I have never done an intramural, and I feel like I’m missing out. Iowa State has so many options for intramurals, I feel like I should check out what so many people are into!
  7. Graduate: Do I need to explain this? I certainly hope not. I’ll put a joke here instead. How do you organize a space party? You planet.

So, that’s my list so far. We’ll see how the semester turns out!

Peace out, girl scout.

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