Why Graduation is Like Being at Hogwarts

I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since before the beginning, and you can only imagine my heartbreak knowing that I would never get my owl with my Hogwarts letter.  I felt like I got pretty close when I crossed the stage in Hilton Coliseum to receive my diploma. Here’s a few reasons why I felt like I was in the wizarding world, even if it was only for a few hours.

Graduation Gown = Wizard Robes.

Yep. The undergrad and master’s gowns are the traditional black gowns. Kind of like what the Hogwarts kids wore in the first two movies. The only thing I needed was a wand.

We have funny hats too.

The mortar board is the graduation version of the pointy looking wizard hats that were pretty much exclusively used in the first movie. I definitely pretended it was a wizard hat during the ceremony.

Walking into the great hall for the first time

It’s hard to describe the feeling of walking into Hilton for the first time and being surrounded by so many people. It was kind of like when the doors opened on the Great Hall for the first time and Harry’s jaw just dropped. You are surrounded by history, not only yours, but everyone who came before you. It’s an amazing feeling!

You sit with your houses. 

In this case, your house is denoted by your college and the color of your tassel. I was in the College of Engineering house with the orange tassels. We were next to the College of Design house wearing the brown tassels. So the house names aren’t as cool as Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but that’s okay.

You know who the headmaster is.

Dumbledore had a sweet beard. President Leath has sweet bling.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all. 

The sights and sounds. The music, pomp and circumstance. All the people. It can be a sensory overload.

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But there’s no one you’d rather go through it with than your friends

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Congratulations to all of my fellow Fall 2013 graduates! We did it!

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