Working on your hobby with a busy schedule.

Hey everyone!

I feel like currently I’ve been able to make time for those small things that have always mattered to me, in a way that I couldn’t before back when I was a freshman, or even a sophomore. I remember clearly those first years, especially the first one, when all that mattered was doing well in classes because I wanted to start on the right foot and acclimating myself to the new college culture took all of my time. When the semester finally ended, I didn’t even know what to do with the free time. Catch up on all the books I wanted to read but never could? Finally watch Once Upon A Time on Netflix? Practice piano, because I never really got around to it? Overall, all of the things I never made time for during the semester.

Now I feel like I can actually make time for the things that matter to me besides classes and regular work. Of course, there’s never a time for absolutely everything, and there are still things I need to give up until I have uninterrupted days ahead. For me, those things are working out (sadly), reading all the novels I have on my Amazon wish list, and tackling small projects like photo shoots and learning Photoshop!

Here are some of my tips for working on your hobby in your spare time:

1. Wake up one hour earlier every morning and don’t dare snooze that alarm. It may be feel like a big pain in the butt at first, but you’ll quickly learn that that precious extra hour in the morning can do you wonders. I usually use that time to read a few pages of my Darling Magazine, which I can barely get to the rest of the day. Or, for example, if cooking is your thing and you feel like you never have time for it, buy the ingredients the night before and then use that hour to whip up your favorite breakfast or whatever it was you have been wanting to make. Trust me, the rest of the day you’ll be feeling great since you started your day on the right foot.

2. Use your spare time wisely. We want to admit it or not, we always have spare time throughout our day. It sometimes comes while we wait one hour between classes, or sit around for a little bit when we finally make it home at night. No matter in what form, we can always make that time and use it wisely. For example, last semester I was hooked on doing the Insanity workouts. Luckily, the first month every workout is only 45 minutes, so I would take out an hour every day in between activities and do them in my room, then go right into the shower afterwards. Try to reduce your sitting-around-doing-nothing to weekends, and you’ll feel like that much more productive during your week–>workouts, cooking, or pleasure reading included.

3. Work where you feel the most productive. For example, one of my guilty pleasures is sitting around and writing in Tumblr, let it be poetry, or a small essay. However, I can never really focus if I attempt to do that when I’m around other people; it’s one of those things I need complete quiet for. Therefore, when I finally get those quiet moments throughout my week, I don’t let them pass.

So, if you’re feeling like you want to watch Gossip Girl, but you never really have the time, make a few sacrifices here and there and de-clutter your life from mindless activities that don’t make you feel like your advancing with the list of things you want to do. Read a few pages of that novel you like when you wake up, or before you go to bed, make time for a photo shoot on the weekends, etc. It’s all about planning ahead and sticking with it.

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