Looking for internships already?

I know I am,

If you’re a freshman, maybe you can still chill in your pajamas this coming weekend, watch some Gossip Girl (or, errrr, Game of Thrones) and not over think the next five years of your life. If you’re a junior, or a senior like me, the reverse applies. So…time to put your hunting hats on, friends!

This is a good time in the semester to start looking for internships for the summer, which is what I’m interested right now. March is a good deadline to set for yourself when looking for internships. Overall, most companies and organizations out there finish the application then, to have some time to review them, interview, and let people know some time in April. Unfortunately, some companies already finished their application process last December, and from what I’ve seen, those are usually the application processes that are way more rigorous. Luckily, I’ve gotten to submit my application to two of these! 🙂

Now, I’m not saying applying is all fun and games, but if you’re serious about it be prepared to set apart hours and even days ahead for the hunt, and the whole cover letter writing part. 😉 Nobody said getting to the top of the mountain is easy. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Before you even start typing “internship” in Google, make sure you:

  • Have that resume ready to go! As in…polished, updated, and reviewed by an extra pair of eyes.
  • Not even think about sending out the same cover letter to every internship that you apply to. You wouldn’t send out a cover letter explaining how awesome you were at flippin’ burgers at Mickey D’s for an engineering internship right? (An extreme example!) Tailor your letters to the specific job/internship that you’re applying to.
  • Narrow down what kind of internship you’re looking for. Field? Paid/not paid? Profit/Non-Profit organization?

Some of my favorite websites for scouting out internships have been:

  • Internmatch.com: You can look up jobs and internships based on field, time-period, etc. And you can create an account that keeps track of the internships you’ve applied to, and the ones you’re interested in. Overall, user friendly and easy to use!
  • Internships.com: Another great one. Offer many opportunities, and is clear when it comes to whether jobs are paid or not, and you can easily search by location.
  • Experience.com: Besides giving you a big array of internships to search for, the website offers tons of advice, useful articles and resources for cover letters and resumes.

And I’m sure there’s many more, which I haven’t used yet. I’ll let you know in the future what else I find worth it. 😉

And GOOOOOOD LUCK with landing that job of your dreams. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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