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Man Maker 2014- Noblemen

I spent the past weekend at Man Maker!! Man Maker is a yearly men’s retreat in the spring, put on by the Navigators!  The weekend consisted of Man-tivities, challenges, large group sessions, workshops, and more!  The theme for this weekend was looking at what it means to be Noblemen in light of Jesus.  We looked at struggles men face and how Jesus frees us to overcome them.  One session many of us liked talked about courage as doing what is right in spite of fear.  The main speaker, Bryce, encouraged us to “do it scared” and not be afraid to go out of our comfort zone and take risks.

Human knot game

My favorite game was the human knot, where two squads faced off in a test of strength, endurance, and strategy.  One team is the knot, their objective is to connect their entire team into one knot, holding tightly to one another, they win if any of the team remains connected at the end of 3 minutes.  The other team’s objective is to tear the other team apart, if any member become disconnected from the group, they are out!  This game was a blast, but it wears you out!

In our calling as men to lead, we are tempted to abuse or abandon.  This is evident in many marriages and other relationships; for the father, it is tempting for him to be aggressive, intimidating others to make himself feel like he is man enough.  Or he is tempted to ignore his family, just heading to the couch and watching the game, in the back of his mind thinking, “I know I’m not enough, so I’m not going to try.”  As men we should fight the temptation to be passive and lead in our relationships, assuming responsibility, even when it’s not ours.  In doing so, we love women well, showing them that they are worth fighting for.  The beauty of Bryce’s message came not in “how to be enough”, but in the reality that we can never be enough on our own, but God is.

Man Maker

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