#MealPlanForever: Reasons Why You Should Always Have Meals with You

I’m a junior, and to this date I still have meals with me at all times.

As a freshman living on campus, you’re required to have a meal plan because that’s just how the whole package comes. This is not a bad thing at all, since they basically set you up for meals until the very last day of the year! After a year of dining centers, food courts and whatnot, you might be excited to have the liberty to (1) live outside of campus with your group of friends, and (2) be able to not worry about getting a meal plan you might not completely use. I was actually not that thrilled about the idea, so a few weeks after moving into Freddy CT, I went ahead a bought some meal blocks.

Quick vocabulary:

  • Meal Blocks: You can buy between 25-100 meals throughout the year without the necessity of signing up for a complete meal plan

Why is this? Why did I decide I still wanted to rely on ISU Dining for my everyday nutrition?

Well, first of all, I love ISU Dining and the variety of food they provide…and after some years I know that it is reliable food at any time, anywhere on campus. But also because it is extremely convenient for me. I’m an engineering student who spends most of her time on campus for classes, labs, club/other important meetings, studying, figuring out life…and when I get time to eat, it’s not very long.

I’m basically on campus from 9am-9pm almost every day. And when I do get home all there is for me is tiredness, regret, and little snacks. So yeah, here are some points to consider as to why having meals with you is one of the smartest and best things you can do for your Iowa State college life.

1- On campus dining centers anywhere. Whether you’re stuck on the north, south, east or west side of campus there’s most definitely a dining center near you.

2- You don’t have to go grocery shopping every week. What I do is alternate and go to eat on campus one week and the other try to get dinner back home and whatnot. I like to enjoy the independence of making my own food and the opportunity to have a nice meal with just walking distance and no cooking needed. Also, I sometimes don’t have time to go grocery shopping, especially without a car…so my meal blocks work just great!

3- You can put those on your U-Bill! Don’t tell me your U-Bill isn’t your best friend by now?

4- Save some money weekly. I bet going out to eat more than you should, going grocery shopping every week, or getting delivery most of the days has you broke by the weekend…right?

5- Spend all day on campus and Hakuna Matata. I find it really unnecessary to head to my place to cook something and then go back to campus when I can just stay there, eat at the MU and keep on being busy. I find this a more effective way to stay productive during the day.

6- Look at it individually. Each meal you buy at Panda or Subway, every time you order pizza, you go out with friends. Each time is a certain amount of money that will come from out of your pocket.

7- You need all types of food groups. You might make yourself a huge plate of pasta and be satisfied, but that’s not what your body really needs. The dining centers have a complete variety of all that your body needs for the day, and it’s there by just swiping your ID card!

8- Freshman 15 is just a myth. It depends on how you see it and how well you group your meals in the first place. You get excited because of the assortment of foods. Do not blame the dining centers, I trust you can control yourself like I did tried to do. 😉

So…did I convince you? Will you stop eating macaroni and cheese every day and head to UDCC and have a complete lunch/dinner with all the food groups you need in your body? There’s different ways to do this…you could either buy meal blocks throughout the semester or select another meal plan. You can select different levels and even go to the lowest one if you need to.

I mean, I’m talking and spilling my experiences entirely for your benefit. And also I try to advise you on how to make your busy student life easier. Trust me, I’ve been around a while.

I really do love ISU Dining, how convenient it is, the people, the variety and pretty much every aspect of it…I decided to make myself a t-shirt with that statement!

Don’t mind me as I yell “I LOVE ISU DINING” to the top of my lungs while heading to the MU to have lunch!

Have you taken advantage of their great services?


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