Missing Chances in College…Do NOT!

Today is the day I get to be very sincere with you because we all need a pep talk once in a while…just like Kid President says!

Have I missed some opportunities in my life? Yes. And this is why I feel the need to advise you to not let those moments slip away from your fingers.

There are so many opportunities to try new things in college and it’s just a whole new world. Of course, some of these new things might be bad for you and some of them might be the best experiences of your life…but I trust you to identify which one is which and carry on. Be smart and think about how these can affect you in the long-run.

Lesson #1: Hotheaded decisions are a double-edged sword. Sometimes you really have to think about what you’re about to do, because this could mean not having the opportunity to do that other thing you also wanted to do. And sometimes whatever you chose impulsively turns out it’s not actually what you thought it would be. Yeah, this is not always the case, but there’s a big chance that it could be, and you’ll feel like yelling “why didn’t I choose this instead?”

Lesson #2: If you’re afraid, but there’s a chance it’s good for you…do not let it go. Our bodies are built to react against change, even the best things that happen to us scare us tremendously. Overcoming this fear is what makes you grow as a person.

Let’s see, this new thing is different…in a good way, but your mind is simply making it difficult to understand that this is a great, so you try to back away and start questioning. That’s when your mind tricks you and you need to put things into perspective right there. You’re a strong, independent individual…you’re stronger than fear!

Lesson #3: Don’t let it be too little, too late. For those chances that are right in front of your face and you don’t take them at all. Life sometimes is kind enough to present you with an opportunity multiple times…but there’s so many times until life says: “well, I guess you’re not going to take it.” Do not let those chances slip away because they’ll just become somebody else’s chances.

Lesson #4: Do not give up that easily. When one door closes, a window is opened, but also…you can open that door again, because that’s how doors work. The work is 50/50…depends on how much you want it, and how much you put into it. Chances are given if you deserve it. Make yourself deserve all the opportunities that come to you.

Lesson #5: Pride is dumb. Missing opportunities because you don’t want to accept you actually want them? That’s just foolish. Pride can be one of your biggest enemies, so you have to put it aside–think about what you really want.

Lesson 6: Don’t let anything, or anyone hold you back. Don’t stop doing things because someone tells you to, stop because you want to stop. For instance, if you are presented with this awesome opportunity to study abroad, or just travel somewhere cool in general…but then someone tells you: “I don’t want you to be away for so long.” Would you really like to miss such opportunity because someone tells you “no”? In fact, if someone really appreciates you, they would encourage you take the chance. Yes, it’s good to ask for opinions, but one thing is giving one and another is bashing your idea away completely.

Lesson #7: Do not panic. When it happens, it’s done and sometimes there’s not much to do about your missed opportunity other than learn from it and and move on. There will be more exciting things for you…plus, now you know how to identify them!

You’re always going to have those “what if”s in your life…especially when you’re in college. This stage is full of big decisions and you want what’s best for you, right? You can try everything in your power to have as many closures as you can. If you do so, then you can blame everything else on life, destiny, karma, etc.

Remember, if you’re given an opportunity: identify it, analyze it…and if it’s a good one, put aside your fears/pride/other people’s thoughts and take it. Just take it and enjoy the ride.

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