by Cole

My First Love at Iowa State <3

Conversations Dining, or “Convos” as we like to call it, was probably my first love at ISU.  It’s my favorite place to eat on campus, hands down!  Convos is located below Oak/Elm in the Old Richardson Court Area. (East Side!)  As one of the smaller dining centers on campus, Convos has a unique feel to it.  And, lets be honest, the best food too!  Open from 7am-11pm most days, it’s really convenient for whenever you want to eat!

Confession: I’ve been known to spend hours and hours at a time at Convos. Some people probably think I never leave.

Best Breakfast foods:

  1. Pretzel bun, sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich! (The arrival of the pretzel bun was arguably one of the greatest things to happen to Convos in my time at ISU!)
  2. Made to order omelets
  3. Yogurt muffins- (always a go-to side!)
  4. Cheesy potato rounds (side)
  5. Pumpkin bread (side)

Best Lunch/ dinner foods:

  1. Pretzel bun, ham, and cheese, toasted sandwich (I’m serious about my pretzel buns!)
  2. Sunny side up burger- a timeless Convos classic!
  3. Made to order crepes- Crepe Dayyyyyy!
  4. Buffalo Chicken wrap- they use some special spread on these, it’s great!
  5. Soup- BREAD BOWLS!
  6. Maple glazed salmon- good stuff!
  7. Deli sandwiches- the Jack Hammer is my personal fave!

Best Desserts and drinks:

  1. Hard scoop ice cream- unique to Convos!
  2. Tres Leche cake- yum!
  3. Oreo cake
  4. Caramel Macchiato- I’m not a coffee expert, but it tastes good and the name is fun to say, so it’s my go-to when I get a hot beverage. The coffee bar here is really nice to have!
  5. Fruit smoothies (breakfast only)

If you can’t tell, I’m very fond of Convos… Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pretzel ham and cheese

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