by Cole

The Craziest 26 Hours You’ll Ever Experience!

The most fun thing I’ve done at Iowa State has probably been Kaleidoquiz!  KQ, for short, is a competition put on by the student-run radio station KURE, which is located in Friley.  Oh, and did I mention it is 26 hours long!?  If you’re looking for nonstop fun, adventure, and ridiculousness, Kaleidoquiz is for you!  It’s hard to describe KQ in just a few sentences, but the main parts of the competition are crazy difficult trivia questions every six minutes, scavenger hunts (with some impossible items!), montages, challenges, and the famous traveling question!  Road trip!  Some highlights of my first year include shaving my head, singing live on the radio, choreographing a dance, helping command a starship, and struggling to find a geode in Ames at four in the morning!  In KQ, the possibilities are endless!

It’s coming up March 7-8!

So how do I sign up?

  • You’ll want to gather a team of 20+ people.  Trust me, there is a lot that goes on and you’ll probably want to sleep a little during it.  Competitions vary, so you’ll want to recruit people with diverse skill sets!
  • Think of a sweet team name. That’s a given.
  • Register!  The cost is $40 per team before February 14th!
  • Strategize.  Think of team roles, location, action plans, drivers for traveling question, etc. 
  •  Acquire stuff.  Food. Mainly a lot of food… and computers.
  • Check out the website!  KURE has lots of helpful information for teams as well as the crucial registration form.

I still can’t believe I did it, but I had some friends shave “KQ” into my head, thinking we would get bonus points from the judges… 0 points 🙁

Shaving my head

One of the scavenger hunt items was a ticket to 2012 Baconfest. Obviously we didn’t have one, so we forged one… full points! 🙂 The judges like forged items that are extremely realistic or very creative!

Fake Baconfest ticket

One of the challenges involved taking the characters from one TV show and the theme song from another and combining them to make a new intro!  We did Scooby Doo and That 70s Show, it turned out pretty good for only having a few hours!

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