by Nate

The Stages of an All-Nighter

So I had some projects due today, which means of course that I didn’t start them until last night.  I decided partway through the night, what better way to pull an all-nighter, than to document it!  So for those of you lucky enough (or not lucky enough) to pull an all-nighter, here are the steps and stages of an all nighter…

4:00 PM- Finished with class.  No better way to prepare for your night than to spend some time watching Netflix.

8:00 PM – You realize you should head to studio to work on your project due tomorrow.

9:30 PM – You finally leave to go to studio.  Talk to people on the way to take more time.

10:00 PM – Get to studio just as you realize you left your headphones at home.  You know its going to be a long night, so you go back home to get them.

10:15 PM – Arrive back at studio.  See everyone else with their projects already done, so you decide to talk to everyone about how screwed you are!

11:15 PM – You finally sit down and focus on your project.  It’s only 11, the night is young!

11:16 PM – You decide that you need to refocus, so you get up and walk around to see how far everyone else has gotten.

11:20 PM – Realization sets in that you are going to be pulling an all-nighter.

11:30 PM – You finally start to work on your project.

12:15 PM – You look down to see you have done nothing but create a couple new playlists on Spotify and have a new high score of 100 on Flappy Bird!

1:30 AM – Focus is slowly drifting away.

2:00 AM – You realize you haven’t eaten since two.  You call up Jimmy Johns and they already know your order and that you’re in the College of Design.

2:01 AM – Jimmy Johns arrives! Time to eat… which leads to talking to people.

2:30 AM – Jake and Emily make you a study helmet because you keep distracting them.

Study Helmet

3:00 AM – You hit your first wall.  To power through, you turn to energy drinks and raging music.

4:00 AM – And then there were 5.  Only 5 people remain in studio.  You guys are so tired, that you decide to have a dance party to wake you up.

6:00 AM – You have stayed up all night wondering where the sun went, then it dawned on you.

7:00 AM – You have finally finished… just as you go to print, Illustrator crashes.  Your reaction when you realize you haven’t saved in an hour…

8:00 AM – After 10 cups of coffee, you have finished and decide to head home to shower before class.  Now you must encounter the awkward walk of shame of you leaving as people are showing up for their classes, looking like you just finished shooting an episode of “The Walking Dead”

Later that day in class… 

Congrats! You have made it through another all-nighter that could have been prevented if you would have not procrastinated and had better time management!

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  1. Miranda says:

    This is so accurate it almost hurts.

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