Welcome to the Jungle: Wildlife on Campus

So the title of this blog may have been a little deceiving… just a little. Iowa State is probably not comparable to “a jungle,” but we do have some very friendly animals on campus you will likely meet on your walks too and from class!

Welcome to ISU Zoology 101. I’m your professor, Amanda, but you can call me “Queen Bee.” (Bring it on Lorde and/or Beyonce.)

Today, I’d like to take a look at a few creatures you will encounter on our campus. Pay attention, take notes, but please don’t touch the animals! *cue laughter*

Lancelot and Elaine are our beloved swans here on campus. They can be found gliding across Lake LaVerne (once the ice is gone). Did you know that they are both male swans? Surprise! Now you know.

What to say about the crows on campus… Beware of them! One time there was a huge flock of them hovering over me when I was heading to a parking lot, when all of a sudden I thought it started to rain… You can probably figure out how the rest of that story goes. *hint – it wasn’t really raining* They definitely make their presence known by the sound the make, too.

Gotta love the many geese that can be found patrolling Lake LaVerne as well! These guys are quite daring, especially when crossing the streets and sidewalks. Keep an eye out for them!

Moving on from our bird friends… SQUIRREL! The squirrels on campus are not afraid of you. They are used to coexisting with us humans on a daily basis. It actually pretty fun to see how close you can get to them without making them angry. When I first came to Iowa State, I heard there was a “Nuts Club” which was entirely devoted to feeding the squirrels on campus. I haven’t heard about that club recently, but I hope the members are continuing their passion to help their furry friends.

The raccoons are… great. Sorry, I’m not super excited about them ever since my freshman year when one jumped out of a trash can one night and scared me half to death. I know it wasn’t going to attack me, but I still sprinted all the way back to my residence hall.

I love it when I find bunnies on campus! They’re so adorable. Whenever I see them, I’m always walking by the bushes on the south side of Carver Hall. I saw a momma bunny with baby bunnies last year, and I creeped on them for a solid 3 minutes. (It’s a long time if you think about it.)

I hope you enjoyed your little tour! 🙂 I promise to stop pretending to be your professor now. It was fun while it lasted.

Until next time, this is Professor Amanda, signing off!

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