And we’ve only just begun: freshman year memories!

Hey people!

So the year is coming to a close! My first year as an Iowa Stater is almost finished, so let’s recap some of the best memories from my freshman year!

Step 1: Play song (its for effect). Then continue reading.

Ahhh where to start, where to start! The top 20 is probably filled with sports and food, so we’ll just briefly cover those. 🙂

1. Hilton Magic

Let me set the stage. No. 7 Michigan (last season’s runner up in the NCAA tournament) makes a road trip to Ames for the first real competition of the season. Iowa State was unranked, and expectations were high, but nobody really knew what was going to happen. Well… I think you know what happened by now and at my very first game at Hilton, I got to storm the court after a top-10 upset!

2. Panda Express

I know, I know. But, when I think about freshman year at Iowa State, I know using all my dining dollars on Panda Express will definitely come to mind. I have a problem. Side note: Panda Express is STILL not paying me and this is at least the third time I have mentioned them in a blog post. Fighting Burrito was a runner up in this category.

3.  Intramural Champs

Yeah, that’s right. And I’m not saying I was the best player on the team, but I was the best player on the team. Disclaimer: We played in the C league, so really none of us were all that great. But a championship is a championship, right? We also tried to play intramural soccer (None of us had touched a soccer ball since gym class in third grade). Game 1: We win 7-1, mainly because the other team only had two people show up and we played anyways. Game 2: The team actually knew how to play soccer. We got smoked 7-1. When it comes to intramurals, you win some and you lose some.

4.  Welcome week

So, welcome week can be a bit of a shock to students. You’re going to meet a lot of people, and have no idea about a lot of things! Put the two together and you’re going to make some interesting memories! I remember getting separated from my Destination Iowa State group with a few friends and having no idea where I was. Good times, good times. Just in general, your first few weeks in the dorms are going to be a pretty cool experience.  We all look back on who we know, and what we thought of everybody based on first impressions! Things have changed quite a bit since then!

5. First class!

It’s the first day of class. Class is at 9. Chris wakes up at 8:55. Chris runs alllll the way across campus, and just happens to walk into the wrong classroom. I wouldn’t recommend this one, but hey, it’s a memory. And it’s probably a memory for whatever class I ran into 20 minutes late and immediately left.

You’re going to make a lot of memories during your first year, and throughout your college career. Some big memories, and a lot of small memories, like just hanging out in the dorms with people playing old school Nintendo 64 games. You’ll learn a lot, both in and out of the classroom. They say these are going to be the best four years of your life! Live it up! Never say no to an opportunity! And always, always, always, eat at Panda.

Peace & hair grease.

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