by Nate

A Message to Those Graduating High School

High school class of 2014, you have come to another stepping stone in your life.  It is a time for celebration and fun.  Graduation parties galore with lots of food and cake!

The big day of graduation is full of excitement: walking across the stage, throwing hats into the air, and taking photos with all of your friends.

A Comprehensive GIF Guide To The Emotional Stages Of Graduation

You’re so happy that you no longer have to go back to high school, and then it sinks in…

You are done with high school.  You no longer will be with many of the people you have spent a majority of your life with.

However, think of it as a time for moving forward.  Soon you will be headed off to visit for orientation, where you will meet some pretty awesome people that have lots of information and experience to share with you!

My advice to you graduation seniors is to enjoy your summer and not worry about the fall.  I know it can be stressful to think about the changes upcoming in your life.  Don’t worry about those things now!  Enjoy your summer with your friends and family!  This may be the last summer that you do not have to worry about finding an internship or taking summer classes.  Take the time to do something adventurous: take a road trip with your friends, or go camping!

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Don’t worry buddy, everything will be alright.  We have all gone through the transition to college.  Just enjoy your time this summer and everything will fall into place this fall!

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