Evolving in College and Life

This summer has found me back at home.

While the setting is the same and all of the characters are the same, something is profoundly different. This summer has proved to mark the contrast between the Paige from a year ago with the Paige who has experienced a year of college life.

I don’t mean that in any literal sense (minus the freshman 15 😉 ). It’s just that lately I can see how I used to be then and how I am now. While I’m clearly still the same person, I’ve embraced some changes for the better.

Suddenly I realize that I have adapted a better work ethic. I don’t let tiny, insignificant things distract me from the big picture. I appreciate the value of a dollar, and I appreciate the small, quiet joys in life more than ever before.

Something is different.

I can’t help but feel that when I took the leap of faith that landed me on the Iowa State campus, I took the leap towards growing up. When I signed up for classes, I signed up for life skills. The more obvious things, such as responsibility and practicality, were quickly gained in a sink-or-swim academic environment. However, the less conspicuous things, like appreciating remarkable people and moments alike, were learned during the least expected points in my daily life as a college student.

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I think if there is anything that I am trying to get across, it is that it’s perfectly, absolutely, 100% OK to let yourself be altered by your college experience. The sheer thought of “changing” when I went away to school used to frighten me. Now I see that it’s healthy to allow yourself to evolve into the person you are meant to be. The truth is that if you are always true to the person you know yourself to be, you really can’t be led astray. College is a time of transition; that’s what makes it as awesome as it is. So let yourself be transformed!

The coolest thing is when you can take a step back and reflect on your then and you now. Appreciate all of the improvements you’ve made along the way. I know I have this summer. And I also know that I’ve got three more years to continue improving!

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