My favorite part of the past school year was the intramural sports I partook in with my friends. During the fall semester we participated in volleyball, indoor soccer, and basketball. We didn’t win any of these but the games were really funny and amusing. I don’t think we had a game where we were not laughing.

During the spring semester we participated in dodge ball, co-ed volleyball, and a beach volleyball tournament. We did a lot better in these. We finished second in dodge ball, third in volleyball, and won beach volleyball. Dodge ball was really enjoyable. We would try to do dance moves while dodging throws. One of my friends attempted to do a backflip over a ball. He did the back flip but he still got hit by the ball.


I had fun playing sports with my friends I hope I can do them again next semester.

Daniel is a sophomore majoring in pre-architecture. He is also a member of the International Student Ambassadors.

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