The common freshman concerns.

Hello there dearies!
This is a post for you people getting ready to start your Cyclone adventure at Iowa State very, very soon. (Two more months, yikes!) You probably already started daydreaming about what your first moments at Iowa State will look like.
Like ummm, will you trip and fall down the stairs as your making your grand entrance through the Memorial Union, or arrive late to your first class ever? Chances are pretty high…Hah. I’m kidding, you need not worry about those kinds of trivial things. Better yet, you need not worry about many things you’re probably worrying about as I’m writing this post:
  • Will you make any friends? Yep, yep. You probably will, introverted or anti-social as you think you are ( 😉 ), you will make friends in college. Either that or you move to an island somewhere, you decide. While it’s easy to think that you’re the only person out there who’s afraid of small talk and first impressions, you have to know that that’s almost all of us out there when we are in the eve of beginning a new phase in our lives. So when you come to campus, reach out! You’re going to be surprised to know how many people feel exactly the same way you do. My advice to you? Be open! Keep your doors open, accept invitations, say yes, but also learn to say no when you’re just not feeling it. And most importantly? Be yourself.
  • Are they clubs to get involved in? Tons. You’re not going to be bored a second of your life here at Iowa State. Unless, of course, you want to be bored and stay in all night watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix (no judgement!). You need not worry about your hobbies and interests not being offered as a club here on campus, because you’d be surprised! With over 800+ clubs, you can bet there’s things like…Tree-climbing club, and ISU Hookah Club, and well just a whole other bunch of shenanigans. Check out an old post on that, here.
  • Are the classes going to be hard? Yes. But that’s something I’m sure you’ve been preparing for all your life. I guess the real thing here is that classes cover more material per exam, but it does balance out with the fact that exams are less frequent, so you have more time to study in between. Do not be discouraged if your first grades aren’t what you thought they would be. While in high school I got 100% easily on most exams, the times I’ve done that well in college are like…two. My advice to you? Be ready to give it your best effort and use the resources Iowa State has for you to excel in your classes.
  • What about random roommates? It’s futile for you to worry about this just yet. Or ever, really. Having a random roommate is like playing the lottery. You can never be guaranteed that you’re going to win or lose. It all depends on so many things. I’ve met people in college that became best friends with their roommates, other people disliked each other, others were completely indifferent and just put up with each other. The only advice I can give it to have realistic expectations about what having a roommate is like. Granted, you’re not the same person, so you’re probably going to disagree on what time to turn the lights off, or when to have visitors over, and etc. The important thing is to set the boundaries and expectations for each other from the start and always keep the communication open. And if you ever have real problems, don’t think that there’s nothing you can do about it. Your community adviser is in charge of handling any major problems and concerns. Plus, it won’t last forever. 🙂
  • What if I get lost around campus? It’s common for you to feel lost around campus the first few days. But believe it or not, you’re going to get accustomed to it faster than you think you will. Be sure to carry the ISU map that you’re going to get at Destination Iowa State, or ask others around you for building locations. It’s not such a big stigma to be a freshman, we’ve all been there, or will be at one point or another. But once you make it through that first week of attending classes, things are going to become much easier to manage. And once you start getting involved on campus, you’re going to get a hold of your surroundings!
  • Will I gain the freshmen 15? Maybe, maybe not! It really depends on you. I never gained weight in college, while other people I’ve known gained a couple of pounds. This depends on your lifestyle choices; whether you’re an active person or not, whether you decide to walk to take the bus, whether you have breakfast, eat pizza really late at night, etc. etc. But don’t be afraid of this. If gaining weight is something you don’t want to do, trust me, you’ll notice if it starts occurring, and you’ll reconsider your habits.

What else are you worrying about? 

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