The People You Meet in College

I’ve been thinking, people!

Whenever I stop and think about the people I’ve personally met throughout my college years, I think about how different each of these are. And I have met a lot.  Not all of them have become my friends, though. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything from them. On the contrary, you always learn something new from everyone you meet.

But what about you? Who will you meet? I’ve seen some lists before, but today I decided to come up with my own list of some people I’ve met and you might meet in college (other than the average genius and whatnot). Also, what you can get from meeting them or having them as friends, and something that identifies them–such as something they would say. These might be seen as stereotypes, but really, these are realities.

The One You See Everywhere. There is going to be that one person who will be in almost all of your classes. People with similar majors have to take a specific group of courses when they start college…so yeah, it will not be a surprise to find familiar faces in different classes or lectures.

What do I get from them? This is the easiest situation to meet someone…from week 1, set up your study group for most of your classes! Or just basically have someone to do homework with in every class.

What do they say? “Do you know what the quiz for [insert different class] is about tomorrow?”


The Deep-Thinker. It could be your roommate, or just someone you happened to sit next to in a class. Once you start talking to them, you’ll figure they live in their own little planet. This is the person you want to have whenever there is something bothering you in the back of your mind. Or also, they are the ones who love to oversee every single topic or event and discuss about it.

What do I get from them? A very unique and insightful way of thinking, interesting arguments…and really good advice when you need some serious input. Another plus, they are exceptional listeners.

What do they say? “There’s more into that Miley Cyrus video than you think.” (yeah, right, haha)


The Impossibly Nice Person. There is always that one person you always wonder how in the world they are so nice to everyone and absolutely everyone…even though they deal with everyday rudeness.

What do I get from them? You start seeing how being that way to others does make a difference, and gets you motivated to do it as well. Amazing quality to develop.

What do they say? “Have a great day!” to every single person they talk to that day.


The Runner/The Athlete. They’re always in a good mood because even though they wake up at the crack of dawn almost every day. This is because they have a very healthy routine. They manage their time to meet both school and their sporting interests needs.

What do I get from them? A serious need to start going to the gym. But really, with all this free time you’re given you start thinking about your routine in general…”am I really getting the most out of my time?” Plus, you look up to their discipline.

What do they say? “I just ran 3 miles today and feel wonderful!”


The Adventurous. This one is not afraid of much things. This the kind of person who strongly believes in improvisation and last minute plans.

What do I get from them? Well, my friend, you could experience some of the craziest and unexpected adventures with the adventurer! Random road trips, late night walks, late night drives, anything. Believe me, they can really surprise you and are up to anything!

What do they say? “Let’s just drive up to Chicago this weekend.”


The International. Several internationals, actually. At first they might not be comfortable talking to everyone, but once they open up, you can start seeing other things, and in a different language!

What do I get from them? Different perspectives, interesting discussions, culture, motivation to study abroad, delicious new food, learn new languages–countless things!

What do the say? “You need to try [insert exotic food name], I’ll make it for you!”


The Social Bug. They always have something going on with the organizations they’re involved in. Or just know a large array of people. They post and invite you to their events on Facebook, and you see the status “…you should come to…” posted multiple times by this person. But it’s OK, you need to know what’s going on in your campus!

What do I get from them? Never missing the opportunity for an event. You also get no excuses to say you’ll just stay at home because there are no plans for that day. They’ll for sure remind you about those.

What do they say? “Come on! You know you want to go, there’s free food!”


The Out of Breath. They have classes on the other side of campus, work, meetings all over the place. You can always see them walking/running/biking through campus with a unique expression. Definition of busy.

What do I get from them? They show you how you can actually be involved and be a student at the same time. They have so many things going on, yet are so organized and proficient. Makes you step up your game.

What do they say? “Hey!” while they’re running around or just getting to a place.


The Tech Savvy. They know everything there is to know (or that you need to know) about technology. They are always up to date with their knowledge by reading the latest geek magazines or articles. They are also the ones that could confidently tell you why PCs are better than Macs–and the other way around.

What do I get from them? They’re more than happy to help the technologically challenged. They also make the whole technology concept sound much more entertaining than how you’ve seen it before! Your personal Best Buy.

What do they say? “There’s an app that can do that for you.” OR “I can show you how to put that in a PDF.”


The Gamer. Basically, they love to game. They most likely have a gaming laptop they would take everywhere–which is also so fast they could be doing homework at the same time and you wouldn’t event notice. They’re also very good at making excuses, not only while gaming, but in life.

What do I get from them? I’ve found that they truly multitask. I don’t know how, but they’re always playing and get everything done at the same time. So in general, I would say they teach you the true meaning of multitasking.

What do they say? “I’m so excited for this new game.”


The Performer. Some sort of performing arts major, or they just enjoy dancing/acting/singing. They’ll spend their free time doing that or looking for opportunities to get their name out.

What do I get from them? A serious appreciation for performing arts. If you know someone doing it, you are more likely to go to that activity and enjoy it more, right?

What do they say? “I’ve been practicing for this DubH performance all semester, you better come!” (and those are great!)


The Undecided. You can’t really keep track of how many different things this person is doing. But they just want to find a definite answer to that “what am I doing with my life?” question. You’ll probably hear them talk about many different classes and going to their adviser or major fairs to find their true selves.

What do I get from them? That it’s okay to not know what to do at the moment. You’re constantly changing and so are your views on whatever you’re studying…there is an option to stop and think about it. College is full of different opportunities.

What do they say? “I really want to explore my options.”


The Nice Couple. They’re almost one in the same, almost married even. They do everything together and go to everything together. When the other half is missing you can’t help but wonder if they’re having problems. This might sound terrible, but they enjoy it and have a very positive view on the future and other people.

What do I get from them? They’re your positive factor on relationships. For every annoying person who emphasizes how awful relationships are, you have a couple to prove you wrong. If you’re friends with one you’re friends with the other…so you have two people to count on.

What do they say? “Count us in!”


The Music Lover. Not only they love music but know about it. They know what’s good as opposed to some of the trivial recent Top 40s songs. They tend to be naturally artistic and always have something awesome to show their friends or anyone. So I guess that I we can call them The Art Lover as well.

What do I get from them? Aside from good music and other discoveries, you get a sense of knowledge from that “other side” of the world you’re not exploring. Art in any form is beautiful and you deserve to be exposed to it eventually.

What do they say? “You should definitely listen to [insert band you might have never heard before]. It’s different but you’ll like it.”


The Experienced. They have lived through thick and thin and everything in-between. They’re blunt and aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re whining about something silly. Most of the time they might come out as rude, but that’s usually the only way we get to finally listen to someone giving us a reality check–and they know that. Plus, they know what matters.

What do I get from them? Just like the “deep thinker”, you could get really good advice. They can also “snap you out of it” when you really need to. This could be your “parent” from college.

What do they say? “Get over yourself and see the big picture.”


There’s plenty more but just to give you a gist of them. So, have you met these people yet? Do you have other people to add to the list? Do you fall on one of these categories? Iowa State is so diverse that you’ll meet an array of different people. So pay attention and see what you can learn from each of them!

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