The Summer Struggle.

Ahhhh, Summer. Sun tans and beach volleyball. Bonfires and barbeques. Yes, summer is upon us. It’s time to soak in the sunshine, and enjoy all that this summer-time bliss has to offer.

It’s also a great time to accomplish some pretty big things.

As a college student, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in classes and forget about other important things that are crucial for academic and professional success. That’s why making the most out of your summer can make for a pretty bright future! So put on those shades, because after using these tips, I think your future is looking positively radiant, darling! 😉

  • INTERNSHIPS AND CAREER-RELATED EXPERIENCES– Did you see that I bold-faced/italicized/capitalized that? It’s kind of a big one! When you begin your job search after graduation, one the the first things that you will be asked is what kind of experience you have. I’ll admit, it is pretty cruel for you to be turned down for an entry-level position for “lack of experience”. However, it does happen. That’s why it is crucial to combat the “lack of experience” excuse now (Even you, freshmen!)! You obviously won’t get the exact job that you will have later on down the road, but taking any job in your chosen field for the summer displays interest, something possible employers and graduate schools love. You also need to consider that some internships go unpaid. This might be a bummer for your summer-fun budget, but I can promise that you will be repaid in experience and possible great letters of recommendation!

Hehehe…looks like me… 😉

  • Updating your academic plan- Didn’t get in to that required sociology class last semester? The summer is a great time to make sure that your planned courses keep you on track for graduation. Maybe you’ve decided that you really want to study abroad. Make an Excel sheet that keeps track of classes and credits, and play around with your required classes. You’ll be prepared for registration two semesters from now and it’s a great way to make sure that you are on track to graduate!
  • Take summer classes- Please don’t be upset with me for recommending that. Contrary to what you may think, summer classes aren’t actually that bad. Whether you stay at the university over the summer or take online classes from home, taking a course or two now can make a big impact later. You’ll have one less class to worry about during the school year, and you may even earn higher marks since you will have less to worry about!
  • Earning some moneyyyy- No, it’s not actually always the same thing as job experience. It never hurt a college kid to take a part-time job over the summer. Your hard work now might mean that you won’t have to work when school is back in session. The fantastic thing about part-time summer jobs for college-age kids, is that they can be pretty fun. Be a lifeguard, or a camp counselor! I must endorse the fact that having a part-time job will NOT ruin your social schedule beyond repair, especially if you can find you that you enjoy. For example, I have three part-time jobs this summer, and I still have time for relaxation and friends ! 🙂

  • Apply for Scholarships- Again, you may be annoyed with me for even suggesting the idea. BUT! An hour of filling out scholarship applications now may save you an extra month’s loan payment down the road. Don’t know where to begin? Check of The Office of Student Financial Aid’s awesome scholarship database! 🙂

My biggest piece of advice is to fight the summer struggle…you CAN have a blast and be super productive! Doing a little now will bring big rewards later. Incorporating these things into your summer fun will help ensure that you protect next semester’s fun!  

Have any great tips to keep you at your optimum productivity level this summer? Feel free to comment and let me know, darlin! 🙂

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