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(Is it just me or did that sound like the way Effie from the Hunger Games would say that?) You probably know a little about the resources you can find here on campus for any and all of your needs as a student. You might think you will not be needing any of these, but hey! It’s better to at least know they exist than to never have a clue! I would say bookmark this post for future reference as you navigate your first few semesters here at ISU.

1. Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA)

MSA coordinates many activities that support multicultural students in our community. They host free events, provide tutors for students, and foster leadership in students of multicultural races on campus. If you want to meet new people, you can just come in and hang out too!

2224 Student Services Building, Suite 2080

2. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services (LGBTSS)

The LGBTSS office provides support and community to students exploring aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity in a judge-free and safe zone. They can provide you with information, counseling, and support as you navigate these topics. In the office, there’s a comfy couch, a TV, DVD, magazines, videos you can check out, microwave, and other snazzy features to get you to hang out and meet new people as well!

1064 Student Services Building

3. Student Disability Resources (SDR)

SDR is responsible for coordinating accommodations for students with documented disabilities. For example: exam accommodations, language interpreters, alternative text formats, etc. Documentation is required, and you need to schedule a meeting with one of the coordinators. Check out their page for more information!

1076 Student Services Building

4. Writing and Media Center (WMC)

This is where I used to work as an office assistant! An office made in heaven if ever you need help with your writing, resume building, brainstorming, presentations, you-name-it! The service is only open to undergraduate students and is a peer-to-peer event; meaning that students who work in the center help out those other students in need. You can schedule an appointment, or you can also walk-in if you’re ever around. However, if you know you want to go at a certain time, I’d advise you to call ahead and set an appointment up, because spaces start to fill up!

300 Carver Hall

5. Margaret Sloss Women’s Center (MSWC)

The Sloss House serves as a safe house in the ISU community for women and everyone who supports women’s issues and concerns. You can meet with staff members here to discuss anything that’s going on in your life; roommate issues, life decisions, changes, etc. Everyone is welcome at the Women’s Center! Yes, men can come in and utilize the resources and participate in activities. The house offers a comfortable place to hang out with coffee, hot chocolate, and tea in the kitchen. 🙂

205 Sloss House

6. Academic Success Center (ASC)

Finding a class to be tougher than you anticipated? No need to fret! The ASC will know what to do! The office is designed to help students reach their academic goals. They offer academic assistance, most commonly in the way of a tutor, and also other group services such as Supplemental Instruction. You can apply to get a tutor on their website, and you can also apply to become a tutor, if that’s your thing!

1060 Hixson-Lied Student Success Center

7. Career Exploration Services

There might come a time…when you have absolutely no idea what you want to do with your life. Sounds kind of harsh, I know, but I think if anybody has ever felt this doesn’t apply to them then they’re probably not human, or something. 😉 If ever you need to reconsider what you’re really built for, and what you think you’d be good at, and well, just know more about other career options, pay the Career Exploration Services office a visit. They have many books for you to check out, quizzes for you to take, people you can talk to, you name it!

Third Floor, Student Services Building

These departments are all divisions of the Dean of Students Office (DSO). If you want to know more about what other important resources ISU can offer you, check out their page right here

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