After a tiring journey of 18 hours, I was finally home. Warm air of the Mumbai Airport was very welcoming. I spent the first few days catching up with old friends and relatives. I went to all my favorite places and restaurants. The best thing about coming home was having home cooked Indian food. I never thought that I would miss my mom’s food so much.

After a month or so I got an email from Marissa (a friend from ISU) saying that she was going to come to Pune for a Cultural Exchange Program. I was very excited to see her. Marissa is a great friend and we used to hang out a lot at ISU. I met her friends who are also studying at Iowa State. I took them to Sinhagad which is a famous fort in Pune. I showed them a bit of Pune and also encouraged them to try the local food. They left for the States in July.


Days are passing by so fast. I can’t wait to start my adventure again but I don’t want to leave home either.

Mriga Kher is a sophomore in biology. She is an International Student Ambassador.

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