How was your summer?!?

How was your summer?? It’s the first question everyone asks you when you get back. Well if you wanted to know….

1.I fell in love. With my favorite skyline all over again. (GOTCHA)


2. I was a counselor/the filmmaker-in-residence at a day camp. My days were filled with activities like teaching kids how to make bread, playing games like mancala, making movies with kids, and editing. Lots and LOTS of editing. And getting pied in the face!

3. I ate. I love my mom’s cooking. When it comes to egg rolls, I’m biased.
(I only like my mom’s egg rolls)


4. HEY BATTER BATTER! Baseball games have the best atmosphere in my opinion. & the best picture props 🙂


5. I went to summer concerts! 6 in total. One of them being LOLLAPALOOZA!


6. I hung out with Mason. My brother’s dog. Ain’t he a cutie?

That was just a tidbit of the things I did over the summer. But enough about me, what about you?! What did you do over the summer? 🙂



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