Top 10 Best Things About #DIS2014

There are so many great things going on at Destination Iowa State, you won’t want to miss out on any of them!

1. Meeting your neighbors

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So maybe your neighbors won’t be Zac Efron and Dave Franco… BUT being able to be on a DIS team with 13-15 students who you will be seeing for the next school year is awesome. DIS is a great way to form friendships with your new neighbors!

2. Learning the Iowa State Fight Song

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No one wants to be lost at the first football game at Jack Trice Stadium and not know the words to the ISU Fight Song. At the DIS Kickoff, all students will receive a shirt, hear from President Leath and Dr. Hill, learn the fight song, and get a little taste of what Hilton Magic really is!

3. Two words – FREE FOOD

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After checking in at Destination Iowa State, you will go down into the Iowa State Center Courtyard where you’ll be put into teams. After getting to know your upperclassman team leader, students will enjoy the DIS picnic. All the food is FREE. This isn’t the only time you’ll be able to get some free food! Who doesn’t love free food?!!

4. Finding your classes on campus so you’re not buried in your map

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During DIS, teams are given extra time throughout the days to do activities such as finding where classes will be, picking up textbooks from the bookstore, and even learning how to use CyRide!

5. Learning how to be successful in your studies

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The main purpose of coming to college is to get your degree and graduate, right? OF COURSE IT IS! We want you to be successful so we have set up sessions where ISU faculty will come in and talk to you about how to do well in your studies!

6. Breakfast on central campus

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On the Friday morning of DIS, join all of the other new Cyclones on central campus for breakfast. This isn’t your typical breakfast though. There will be a DJ, dance offs, prizes, and FLYING PANCAKES! What’s better than music and even more free food?!!

7. Watching some of your classmates get hypnotized by Michael C. Anthony

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Michael C. Anthony is a nationally known hypnotist. Join the rest of your class in Hilton Coliseum one last time during DIS to watch some of your classmates do hilarious things out of their control!

8. Learning how to successfully manage your money

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Managing your money can be pretty tough if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we bring in a speaker named Grant Baldwin (Who is hilarious, we might add!), who will give you some pointers on how to successfully manage your money and you’ll even learn about different ways to apply for scholarships!

9. Exploring Iowa State’s recreation centers

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The last event of Destination Iowa State is called RECREATION NATION. You will be able to go to State Gym or Lied Recreation Center based off of your residential area to explore and work out. Some activities that will be held in the recreation centers are black light Zumba, sink your battleship, mini golf, and more!

10. Prizes. EVERYWHERE.

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No matter where you go during DIS, there is going to be someone waiting to give out prizes. But don’t think it will be that easy to get a prize…Time to get creative!

– Allison Tikalshy and Morgan Woodvine are 2014 Cyclone Aides.

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