Healthy Competition

I think I’ve established by now that college is one of the most amazing, wonderful, and eye-opening experiences that one can encounter in their lifetime.

And yes, it is. However, it can also be one of the most humbling.

In high school, you were first in your class. You were class president. You were unstoppable! But suddenly, it’s as if you’re a little fish in a big pond. It feels as if there’s always someone more qualified, more intelligent, and all-around more awesome than you. It doesn’t matter where: class, clubs, and always, ALWAYS, at the same interview as you. It’s easy to get discouraged.

The bottom line is that you are just as adequate as that intimidating person who seems to have the world wrapped around their finger (See: Crushing the Impostor Syndrome). The increased diversity and number of competitors in the college world can often feel overwhelming when all you want to do is stand out. You must do as our teachers have told us since third grade, and keep your eyes on your own paper. Don’t get caught up in the accomplishments of other people. Instead, focus on how amazingly talented you are, darling! As a freshman, work towards gaining leadership experience with clubs that you enjoy. Work towards building a solid resume and being an outstanding student during your sophomore and junior years. Then, during senior year, sharpen your interview skills, and go win the job of your dreams. Challenge yourself  to accomplish your goals, and I promise you will see that you were one of those amazing people all along. The healthiest competition is the one that positively inspires you to fulfill your own aspirations.

If you are in dire need of positive thoughts to rid the false feeling of inadequacy, do what I do. Search “Positive Thoughts” on Pinterest. 😉


Next time you walk into class and hear students behind you talking about their impressive internship at Google last summer, take a deep breath. It’s not a competition. And you are awesome too. 😉

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