Things I’ve still yet to do my senior year.

Hello you all!

I must confess today I had an epiphany as I sat in my room and browsed through pictures of my freshman year. There I was…at my first football game, eating at the dining center with friends, making snow angels on central campus for the first time. And before I got all smug about the fact that I’ve done so very much at ISU, I had a vision. And it happened somewhat kind of how Raven had those very weird visions…Remember that?

Suddenly, I started brainstorming all the things I hadn’t even done yet (it being my super-senior year and all), and freaking out on the inside a little as to..what, why, why not?!  After a while I started compiling a small list for my own records. And for yours, of course, as you’re embarking on this new journey. Just please, for your own sake (and mine!) do these things:

Well it’s definitely no surprise that I still haven’t had a super dog. I mean, I’m sure even your mom and your mom’s mom has had a super dog! No? Ok, I feel a little better now.

The other thing is, I haven’t even had a gyro from the gyro stand on Welch Ave. either. I know, you might’ve forgiven the super dog, but you’re definitely not forgiving this one! It’s just that for years I lived afraid of the consequences that 1am binge could have on my poor stomach.

I’ve never ran The Nearly Naked Mile either, as much as I can actually picture myself running it. I guess putting it off each year has brought me to never actually doing it. Lessons in procrastination, fellas. Maybe this year will be the lucky one…

What about tailgating? Will you totally unfriend me if I confessed I’ve never done it? Been to football games? Yes. Woke up at 5am to tailgate? Nope, nope, not happening.

I’m also proud to announce that my super-senior year found me with less than five all-nighters under my belt. I mean, in the name of measuring success, what better way than to count all-nighters, right? Wait, does that mean I’m ahead or terribly failing? O.o

I’ve only ever set foot at the M-Shop for events that have had nothing to do with an actual music performance. Have I ever walked by when a random musician has been playing? Yes. Have I ever been inside then? Nopey nope.

Oh, and let’s not even talk about me not ever seeing one of the theatrical performances. Iowa State has made some amazing ones like The Beauty and the Beast and…well, darn.

When I was a sophomore, a couple of friends and I used to get psyched about the idea of playing hide-and-seek in Gilman at 12am. Just think about it…the creepiest building on campus, all lights out, not a soul around… It’s almost straight out of American Horror Stories: Asylum. I guess that didn’t happen either, did it?

Umm, I haven’t been like… campaniling, or anything, you know? A terrible, terrible admission. A situation that, as awkwardly as this is getting, may or may not be resolved.

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Is there anything else you must do before you graduate?




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