Become A ‘True’ Iowa Stater!

How can you become a “true” Iowa Stater? That’s easy, show up on central campus tonight about an hour or hour and a half before midnight.

You see, here at Iowa State University, we are pretty big on traditions. One of the longest running traditions at ISU is called campaniling. It is said that you are not a true Iowa Stater until you have been kissed under the campanile at the stroke of midnight. This tradition brought along something called mass campaniling. Mass campaniling was born in 1977, and 37 years later, the tradition is still going strong!

Thousands of students gather on central campus on the Friday evening of homecoming week for a night of fun! What fun can you expect? Well, from 10 pm – 12:30 am there are pancakes being served for $3, but that’s not all! Be sure to stick around after you have had your pancakes, because there is lots of fun to be had prior to the campanile striking midnight! Leading up to midnight the marching band will be playing music, breath mints will be handed out, and you also get to hang out with thousands of other Iowa State students! Then it happens.. The campanile strikes midnight! Fireworks start going off, the band starts playing romantic music, and almost everyone becomes a true Iowa Stater!

Come join your fellow Iowa State classmates on central campus under the campanile on Friday for pancakes, mints, music, and the chance to experience an Iowa State tradition! It should also be noted that you may still attend and have fun even if you have no intention of actually taking part in the mass campaniling! It’s still a really fun atmosphere to be around, and it’s a pretty fun sight to see when the clock hits midnight!

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