Today, I was surfing the Twitterverse and spent some time on tweets with #CollegeProbs. As it turns out, college kids have a lot of problems. Here are a few solutions to some real life #CollegeProbs tweets that I stumbled upon.

Tweet 1: “(Name removed is) facetiming her mom because she cant figure out how to cut a cantaloupe and needs her mom to show her #collegeprobs”

Now, I have never struggled with a cantaloupe, but I have absolutely no idea how to cook anything besides macaroni, Ramen, and a frozen pizza. So, you could be like this person in the tweet and ask your mom to help out or you can do what I do. Google it. How long do you cook chicken for? Google knows. Google knows everything. Also, there are several websites dedicated to cooking in college if you are interested!

Tweet 2: “I’ll do it in the morning is one of the recurring lies I tell myself at night #CollegeProbs”

The solution is so simple and yet so hard to force yourself to do. Easy answer: Do it the night before, then you don’t have to worry about it. The hard part: Actually listening to yourself and getting it done. We have all been there before. I find using something as a motivator works well. Do this assignment, then watch an episode of Netflix; or write two pages of my paper and then it’s snack time!

Tweet 3: “can’t believe I’m choosing studying over football #collegeprobs”

This one is tough. I feel your pain, friend. But, this isn’t really a problem. It’s probably a good thing. Missing one football game doesn’t affect you as much as failing one test will. Kudos to you! #CollegeSuccess

Tweet 4:

JJ is a funny fella. But, for real. If you ever have any problem at all in college, Jimmy John’s is probably the answer. Failed a test? Jimmy John’s. Had a rough day? Jimmy John’s. JJ may not be able to solve your problem, but his sandwiches can take the problem off your mind for a little bit.

Tweet 5: “I think I’ve gotten like 10 hours of sleep this week so far #CollegeProbz”

I switched it up on you and got real funky for this last one. #CollegeProbz with a z is where the real problems are at. Sleep can be an issue. You can get pretty busy between late night study sessions and 8 AM classes. Have you ever heard the saying “Grades, sleep, and a social life: you only have enough time for two of them.”

Well, sleep usually gets pushed out of there. My solutions:

1. Cat naps: If you have an hour between classes, that is a prime time for a 20-minute cat nap. That should help you power through for a while.

2. Caffeine: Coffee, energy drinks, whatever it is, you better keep your stash full. When you feel that sleepiness coming on, caffeine has your back.

3. Time management: Maybe you are just mismanaging your time. Get studying and homework done sooner rather than later. Maybe skip a social event or two if it will benefit you in other areas. It’s not the end of the world!


4. Suffer through it: You can sleep all you want when you are 75 and retired. You only get a few years of college so make the most of it. Nobody ever looks back and remembers the night they got plenty of sleep!


And a bonus #CollegeProbz just because I thought it was too funny not to post. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this method… but, hey, it’s probably pretty effective!

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  1. Unkwon says:

    You could just slide/take out the whole tray along with the milk can…. that is not really a solution. smh.. idiots

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