by Nate

Everyone’s Favorite is Turning 60!

The smell of hot food fills central campus!  The screams of Yell Like Hell skits echo like the Campanile chiming.  The hard work of many students is on display as their Cyclone spirit banners line the pathways.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year, homecoming!  Guess what, this year it is more special… It is Cy’s 60th Birthday!

Jon Stewart Fangirling

There are plenty of tournaments of many fun sports and games like basketball, sand volleyball, capture the flag, and homecoming olympics.  You can check out all of the tournaments and when they occur here!

Also, don’t forget to buy your buttons for food throughout the week!  $5 can get you great food all week on Central Campus from places like Jeff’s Pizza and Jimmy Johns.  It will even get you some food at one of the big highlights before the game, the pep rally.

Friday night there is the pep rally in the Alumni Center’s parking lot with lots of entertainment for the night to get you pumped up for the game!  There are the finals for Yell Like Hell (skits performed by groups that only include yelling), an appearance from the coaches and team, plus birthday cake for Cy’s birthday!

Once the fun at the Alumni Center is over, head on over to central campus to become a true co-ed of ISU with mass campaniling and fireworks.  Who knows, you might even see a proposal while you’re at it!  If you aren’t full yet from the cake, enjoy some pancakes on central campus as well.

Friday may be over, but Saturday is game day!  All of the usual game day fun of tailgating, the spirit walk, the Iowa State Football ‘Varsity’ Marching Band, and of course, some good ole’ Iowa State football.

Have a fun time at all of the festivities for Cy’s 60th Birthday this year! Time to dance it out with “The Mayor.”
Fred Dancing

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