How I (try to) Stay Organized

Okay. I will admit. I am not organized. But I try to be and that’s all that matters right? I have a planner but I also have this horrible habit of forgetting to write in it. (It’s not like it’s a crime or anything?!?). So, just recently (yesterday) I decided to challenge myself to be more organized. Let’s see how this goes.

What I’m about to share with you isn’t anything new, just some tips that have worked for me. So, maybe it will work for you!

1. Have all your syllabi. If you prefer to print them out, feel free to do so or simply save them on your laptop for future reference. When you have a syllabus for all of your classes out and ready, it makes life so much easier. Trust me.

2. Use an assignment notebook! I remember in middle school when writing things down in your planner was required. Now it’s the only thing that keeps me sane! I love decorating my planners, just because it makes it look more appealing 🙂

3. Write everything down. EVERYTHING! Exams, homework, rent dues, birthdays, extracurricular activities. I tend to fill out the monthly view of my assignment notebook just so I can see everything I have to do for that certain month.

Here’s a look at my month of October. I’m not kidding about writing everything down!!

4. Color code. Exams? Red. Work hours? Green. Readings? Purple. Papers? Pink. Color coding makes it easier to visually see what you have to add to your “to-do” list. Plus it makes your planner way more colorful!

5. Make lists on post it notes! Post it notes bring me happiness. Seriously, who needs friends when you have post it notes?! I’m just kidding….but I’m not kidding about post it notes. They are my absolute favorite thing to use. I love posting them on my wall with things I need to accomplish for the week. The best part? Taking them down when you have completed that task!

6. Have a weekly schedule. Are you very detail oriented? Maybe a schedule like this will work for you. I got this from the Academic Success Center’s website. Here you can find plenty of resources and other tools to help you as well.

Good Luck!

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