Never miss out, again!

Hey you all, beautiful, wonderful people!

By this time you’ve probably already missed a lunch date with a friend, last week’s club meeting, and a shower or two.  It’s not too late to stop missing out on what I’d hope you want to be a part of. That shower session included.

It’s impossible to do everything, and be everywhere. A notion that beats you in the head all that much more once you enter college.

Well, my friends, it’s definitely a struggle. No secret there. But here are some of my tips for getting everywhere on time, and well, just overall being awesome at planning.

1. Schedule everything. Ok, this might actually sound kind of silly right of the bat because…who wants to schedule when they eat breakfast and go for a run? No one. However, it’s the small things that count when trying to plan an entire day. And those extra minutes you spend browsing Instagram before you get ready in the morning, actually sum up to A LOT throughout the entire day. Trust me, I’ve been playing Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood, too.

So this might mean that not every time you set food on the dining center is going to turn out into two-hour social fest with all your friends, or that you won’t be spending all Saturday huddled in the library. It completely depends on you. But for me it meant that I wanted to schedule when to go for lunch, and at what time to have dinner. It also meant that I scheduled myself an hour at most to get in there, and get out. Honestly, dudes, I remember how it was going to the dining center and meeting a whole bunch of people you know, and then spending like two hours in there chatting it up. It is definitely fun, but can’t be happening everyday if you’re up to doing something! Another important thing: I also schedule my down-time. When the day gets crazy it’s easy to forget you’re a person, and not a machine! So just be aware of when you’re most productive and when you need a break so you can make the most out of your limited hours!

2. Know where to look. When it comes to actually scheduling down-time and having some fun, knowing where to look for fun activities is also very important. So, never miss out on an opportunity to join a club, learn something new and meet people with common interests. This might mean you won’t be sitting down in your futon quite as often, wishing you knew of more things going on around you. Trust me, since I live alone, I know what that feels. The time has come to be a lot more intentional about what you allot time to, and what you do!

Be sure to bookmark these few, and even add them to your FB, Twitter feed for ideas throughout the day:

3. Meet the right people & communicate effectively. The every downfall of every social interaction starts with not communicating effectively. This means that you might find yourself with an incessant craving of catching Cyclone Cinema this weekend, but won’t go because you don’t “have anybody to go with”. Let’s be real friends, that’s not true. You’re just lazy/insecure and won’t text your friends that you want to go. Another one: you really feel like playing bowling in The Underground but aren’t sure you’re friends even like that. So while the billiards start collecting dust, you should just pick-up your phone and clear the doubt. You’re never going to know if you don’t ask right? Worse thing that can happen, is that your friends say no and then you decide to go anyway and meet amazing people that really like to do what you’re doing. That’s kind of the way it goes, too. Sometimes you gotta know when to do things on your own. You don’t want to be missing out on activities you want to be a part of just because the people you already know aren’t up for it. Chances are you’ll meet people that really are!

Get out of bed today and go be awesome.

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