Happy homecoming week AND happy National 4-H Week!!

4-H Week

Not only is this week cardinal and gold, but it is also green and white for thousands of Iowans if you are in Iowa 4-H or are alumni of Iowa 4-H and Iowa State University. Why yes, you did guess it right, you smart reader you…. I’m one of the thousands!

During my younger days, aka from fifth grade until I was a senior in high school, I was a proud member of the Reeve Hampton Hustlers 4-H club in Franklin County, Iowa. During my 4-H days I did numerous projects and visited Iowa State University’s campus for different field trips because Iowa 4-H is a statewide program administrated through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This basically means, without getting into the real complex technicalities of why Iowa State administers 4-H in Iowa, that without Iowa State University the Iowa 4-H program wouldn’t function like it does today.

(Side note for those you don’t know much about 4-H: The adult 4-H youth development specialists who work with Iowa’s youth through 4-H are employees of ISU and the resources that help run the program come from Iowa State University funds, the state of Iowa tax-payers, and donations from the Iowa 4-H Foundation.)

Because of these 4-H trips I had numerous encounters throughout my early education all the way up to about eleventh grade. Whether it was a 4-H day at a sporting event or a field trip to a lab on campus, I always walked away with this amazement of what college had in store for me and what Iowa State was doing for the people of Iowa. Because of this I became more and more familiar with campus, experienced different Iowa State University colleges, and sensed that “Cyclone Family” everyone feels when they arrive on campus. This is why it was so easy for me to choose Iowa State over the competition when I was looking at other schools my junior and senior year. Because of 4-H, Iowa State was already my home away from home, and that is why I can say with a 100 percent certainty that 4-H is the reason I chose Iowa State four years ago.

Today, I am a proud alum of the Iowa 4-H program, and in just seven months (YIKES) I will become an alum of Iowa State University. BOTH will have led me to a career in communications and public service. This is why having National 4-H Week AND Iowa State’s homecoming week at the same time has me over the moon. This week is just a BIG celebration of who I am, to take pride of where I came from, and get excited for where I am headed. So I would just like to end this blog with a six BIG thank yous:

1. Thank you Iowa State University Extension and Outreach professionals for what you have done through the Iowa 4-H Program to help me prepare for college.

2. Thank you to the donors of the Iowa 4-H Foundation for your generosity to open so many doors of opportunity for me.

3. Thank you to the donors of the Iowa State Foundation for everything you have done to improve the student experience.

4. Thank you Iowa State University staff, faculty, and administrators for the most exCYting four years of my life.

5, Thank you October 5-11, 2014 for reminding me that home is never too far away, that I will forever be a Cyclone, and that I will forever bleed the colors cardinal, gold, green, and white.

6. Thank you for helping me become the man I am today.

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  1. Kris Fish Kuhlmann says:

    I am so proud of you, Carter!!!! This is an AWESOME blog – very well stated and well done! 🙂

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