What’s Next?!

Hello friends!

As you all probably know by now (since I feel like I’ve been a broken record this semester), I’m about to graduate in December. And while I’m not ready to start bidding ISU farewell and writing goodbye posts, I definitely have been thinking a lot about what’s to come these next few weeks. I definitely don’t have it all figured out, as much as I’d like to think I do by now. Some of the things that I know for certain about the upcoming year are:

  • I’ll be attending graduate school in August 2015. I’ve applied to my top choices: Syracuse University and New York University.
  • I’m certain I want to continue with a career that involves lots of writing and creativity, so I’ve narrowed it down to fashion and magazine journalism.
  • I’ll be out of school next semester, but staying in Ames as I wait on graduate school responses and plan for the fall.
  • I don’t exactly have a job yet, but I’m hoping I can land something in the editorial field somewhere in Ames or Des Moines, so I can keep gaining experience and submerging myself into my career!
  • I’ll keep working retail as I do now in my spare time.
  • Since I like to keep myself challenged, even though I won’t be in school anymore I’ve taken it upon myself to learn French. So next semester I’m planning on buying books, videos, and all that stuff! My winning prize will be a Parisian trip sometime next summer.
  • I’m striving to become more responsible financially. That includes starting to pay loans and budgeting for the future!
  • I will also keep improving my photography skills in my spare time! So lots of photo shoots, Photoshop classes, and all that jazz!
  • And then…sometime after summer, I might be moving to one of my favorite cities in the US: New York, Chicago, or San Francisco!


It’s all…pretty much up in the air right now.


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