Why you should do intramurals


Intramural sports are the bomb diggity. Whether you are a sports fanatic, a casual fan, or just want something fun to do, intramural sports are for you! There are a ton of different types of intramurals you can sign up for. The full list of intramural sports can be found here.

Plus, it’s super convenient, because you can sign up a whole team, or sign up individually as a free agent!

Here are just a few reasons you should sign up:

1. Because it’s fun!

It’s that simple. Studying, classes, and work can get old. Intramurals are a fun way to blow off some steam and forget about all that stress for a while. Plus, it’s a fun thing to do with your friends. If you live in a dorm, creating an intramural team can also help you make new friends!

2. Exercise 

If you are like me and hate working out, then intramural sports can definitely help you out. I can’t stand running laps at the gym. Intramurals, however, are a fun way to get some exercise. You focus more on the sport you are playing than the exercise itself!

3. Get the elusive intramural champ t-shirt

Don’t kid yourself. You know you want one of these bad boys.There are three basic goals when you go to college: 1. Get your degree 2. Get a job 3. Get an intramural champ t-shirt. Okay, maybe it’s not that serious. But they are cool and you should definitely try to get one.

4. Learn something new

I’ve watched curling at every winter Olympics since I can remember and I still have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Curling is on my list of intramural sports I will play. Unfortunately, I missed the boat this year. Next year, watch out curlers. I’m coming for you.

5. Something to look forward to

You go to class everyday. You study everyday. You do homework everyday. Things can get kind of monotonous. When you have an intramural game to look forward to that night, it breaks that monotony and gives you something to get excited about!

So, I’m confident that you are hooked now and will definitely play an intramural sport sometime this year. The only question is which one (or two, or three, or 10) will you play? Don’t worry! Cyclone Life has you covered there too.

Check out Nate’s blog on the four intramurals you must do before you graduate! This should be a good starting place for you!

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