25 Days Of Christmas!

Hey friends!

December is here and we have 25 days of activities to plan before Christmas Day rolls around, so I took the liberty of brainstorming for you.

1.    Hit the mall, before the mall hits you.

Every year you leave the Christmas shopping to the very last minute, every year you end up arm wrestling the nearest civilian for that last box of your mom’s favorite perfume. While living life on the edge may be your calling, you might just be getting closer and closer to falling right over. Leave the mall with as few scratches as possible by tackling your list of presents early!

2.   Light up your Christmas tree and hang up the most ridiculous ornaments

Those sparkly crystal balls are as outdated as Frozen and “Let It Go” are, so this year, resolve to do something different. Photograph each of your family members and stick their picture to foam balls, hang up dog-treats, etc. Just have fun with it!

3.    Attempt to go ice-skating

Make it your goal to break away from the edge of the ring within the first 10 minutes, live life on the edge like you’re used to.  Put a dollar in your savings account for every tumble you almost took but managed to stave away from!

4. Spend the day in a catatonic stupor and watch The Christmas Carol for the 100th time

We all know that managing not to fall was the hardest workout you’ve ever done since Halloween rolled around. Feel no shame resting your sorry muscles and watching one of the ultimate classics. Maybe even squeeze a list of fitness goals for next year.

5.   Put on that ugly sweater with equally ugly socks

It’s not really Christmas if you haven’t looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered if that’s what you’re going to look like when you’re 80.  Keep it real with matching socks for extra impact.

6.   Make sugar cookies

No Christmas night is complete without a batch of those delicious sugar cookies baking in the oven. Make an activity out of it and invite your besties for a decorating session!

7.  Take a photo with Santa. Pretend you’re a baby sitting on his lap

There was a day Santa liked having you seat on his lap, but that day isn’t today. But because age is relative, and you’re completely out of ideas, pretend you’re a crying baby on Santa’s left thigh. Note: Might make everyone around you feel uncomfortable.

8.  Download Justin Beiber’s old Christmas album. Get everyone sick of it before Christmas

Play it in the car on the way to any Christmas activity, play it in the kitchen as you’re making sugar cookies, play it in the morning as you’re getting ready, attempt to follow with some chords in your guitar. You might just get yourself sick of it first.

9.  Take family holiday pictures and send cheesy postcards

You don’t need anything professional for this– just you, your ugly sweater, and the rest of your family members.  You might even get to include your old cat and complete the postcards with the most unoriginal saying “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays!”

10Invite friends over to sip peppermint hot chocolate by the fireplace

And if you don’t have a fireplace, maybe just sip hot chocolate, but it’ll be less glamorous. You can still have those heart-to-hearts sitting around the kitchen table.

11.   Make gingerbread houses. Make more gingerbread than any houses.

Spend all day gearing up for your gingerbread-house soiree, buying candy, making gingerbread—only to have your house fall in tatters the second you put too many jelly beans on the roof. No shame, we all know the only reason you even started was to have an excuse to eat all the candy.

12.  Round up a group of friends and go Christmas caroling

It’s OK if you don’t make it near 20 minutes outside because it’s too cold. The important thing is that you tried. And that you made an event out of it. And that you finally greased up that American Idol voice without people looking at you weird.

13.    Sleep under the Christmas tree. Wake up with a backache to deem the experience complete

You didn’t really sleep under the tree if you don’t wake up with pine leaves in your mouth and the biggest backache of the century. But let’s be real, that probably didn’t happen—you brought your sleeping bag.

14.   Kiss under the mistletoe

And if there’s no mistletoe, your mom’s indoor plant will do.  And if there’s no cutie to kiss, your old fat cat will do.

15.   Have an epic snow ball fight

You know, the kind where you break people’s windows and such. Afterwards, go home and wallow in your guilt with How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

16.  Dress up as Santa and go trick-or-treating. Say you’re late.

A perfect activity to pick up once you’re bored at home, have recovered from the gingerbread soiree, and are craving some candy. Santa wouldn’t want to miss the second fattest holiday of the year!

17.  Drive around the neighborhood and ogle at people’s Christmas decorations

We all know that everyone probably did it better than you. So get over yourself and be appreciative of others Christmas-lighting skills.

18.  Make a snowman that looks like you

When in doubt, what better way to make your snowman look completely AWESOME, than just doing a self-portrait?

19.  Get a present for your cat and dog

When making your list of people to gift this season, don’t forget Fido and Rocco.

20. Freak out because you still haven’t gotten your best friend a present

You concentrated so hard deciding between the toy penguin or a new can of Alpo, that you totally forgot about your best friend…

21. Deem your boyfriend impossible to shop for a present


22.  You conjure nightmares at the thought of “presents”

It seems like you already went through denial, acceptance, and bargaining, but it seems like you missed the freaking out part. Whoever didn’t get a present already, probably won’t be getting any by now!

23. Uhh..Wrap up the dang presents

Alright, you figure life’s not all that bad and you’re back in your game. At the thought of opening all those wonderful present in two days, you figure life’s actually not all that bad!

24. Prepare for the inevitable family reunion and watch A Nightmare Before Christmas

Presents are wrapped, cookies are baked, and you’re getting emotionally ready for all the comments on your height x width ratio.

25. Pretend Great Aunt Gertrude’s present is all you’ve been waiting for

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Which one of these can’t you wait to start?

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