6 Ways to get into the Holiday Spirit!

It’s that time of the year again! Besides watching Elf every night (I know that’s what you’re doing), how are you staying festive? Here are some awesome ideas just in time for the holiday season. 🙂

1. Bake Cookies!

Baked goods for the holiday season? Yes, please. Have a cookie making party with friends or even a gingerbread house making contest! Don’t skip out on the frosting (Let’s be real…that’s the best part right?) Check out these wonderful decorations for some inspiration.

2. Make your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

And be the winner of all Ugly Christmas Sweater contests.  Don’t want to brag, but, uh, I rule at ugly Christmas Sweater Making. Just take a look at it for yourself. My friends and I always have a X-Mas party and we usually end up taking awkward family photos. It’s casual.

3. Decorate!

String lights look good all year round and if you miss having a Christmas tree, get a mini one! I loved decorating the outside of my door when I lived in the dorms. Here is a picture of my dorm door freshman year:

 4. Build a Snowman

We don’t have snow to build a snowman now….but you never know with Iowa weather. You could be making a snowman tonight, tomorrow… you just don’t know.

5. Make your own gifts

Instead of buying a gift for you loved ones, why not make them yourself? There are tons of crafty inspirations on Pinterest that would make darling gifts! They can be inexpensive and they will be appreciated even more since they came from the heart. <3

Take a look at these DIY Ornaments!

6. Give

Give back to those in need and help out your community. Donate for Toys for Tots or Adopt a Family as a club. My HDFS club recently did a little gift giving through Amanda the Panda, which is  a program that helps provide support and hope for grieving families in Iowa. It’s always nice to spread a little holiday cheer to those in need.

Happy HOLLA-days my friends,

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