Getting Involved in the CoB

Coming in as a freshman to the College of Business I had no idea what to think. After my first week I quickly learned that this is where I belong. From the genuine professors to the multitude of classes, success for all students is bound to happen through a little hard work and a lot of perseverance. Do not get me wrong, classes are cool and learning is fun, by my favorite aspect the College of Business offers is the countless opportunities students can take advantage of. I am involved in a wide variety of organizations, but my top three favorite would have to be Business Council, Business Learning Team Peer Mentor, and Business Ambassadors.

Being a member of Business Council (BC) is pretty neat. Whether it is passing out donuts, advising students, planning events, or attending meetings, BC is the liaison between the students and staff of the college. We oversee everything that occurs and strive to make the atmosphere within Gerdin fresh and professional while being role models in the real world as well.

Business Ambassadors is another option if one wants to utilize their personal skills and flaunt your knowledge of our college. With this position, I simply promote the College of Business to prospective students. Whether it is answering questions families may have or giving tours of the lovely Gerdin building, there is never a dull moment. Being a Business Ambassador does not involve a lot of time, but the outcome one can make on a specific student is tremendous – you can be the reason he or she chooses to attend ISU/the CoB (and I cannot forget to mention our meetings – food and games are usually always involved).

My favorite gig would have to be mentoring my BUSAD 102 class. Some would call it a job, but I would refer to it as an awesome experience. With this, I am the mentor for 10 students in the College of Business and simply help them make the transition during their first college semester. Grading papers, taking attendance, attending meetings, instigating discussions, presenting power points, and planning events seem like an occupation for an elderly individual, but it as actually super duper fun. The best part is getting to know new students and striving to make the environment a positive uplifting one.

Each of these is rewarding and gives me the chance to utilize my time here even more by getting to know other students, professors, and giving back to the College of Business and Iowa State in general. These is no place I’d rather be, and the CoB has already given so many opportunities to me.

– Kate Fennelly

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