by Nate

Making it Through the Final Weeks of Class

With dead week and finals week ahead of us, I thought I would share a few tips with you guys on staying alive and succeeding through these rough times!

Dead Week

This is your time to get ahead on studying!  Thankfully all club meetings are cancelled this week, allowing you more time to study.  Use this time to your advantage!

Find a quiet place to study.  This could be anywhere:  your room, the library, the reading room of the Memorial Union, or maybe even Design.

Know the café hours for supplemental coffee options. Check out the on campus options here.  There’s also many other great coffee places around Ames worthy of taking a break from studying to go visit.

Know when you need to take a break.  If you are working on studying, and are having a hard time continuing to stay focused or cannot remember what you are studying, take a few moments away from your work.  Go work out to get the blood flowing, or even take a few moments to talk to some friends.  You are not helping yourself if you try to study all of your work without taking a break for your brain to retain and refocus.

Don’t procrastinate.  Spend the whole week studying, and you will be feel better about yourself than if you try to cram everything the night before.  Your test scores will also do better.

Prioritize.  Don’t spend all week studying for an exam you have on Friday, unless it is some ungodly class like organic chemistry or physics.  Start your focus with your earliest and your hardest classes, and then work back in the week from there.

Finals Week 

Sit where you always sit in class.  This is place you have become comfortable with the materials, and it helps you to remember what was taught in the classroom.  If this is your first time making it to class, you have a different problem.

Don’t wait until the last minute to visit the testing center.  The lines are always long.  To help with the problem, they will have eight testing centers open finals week (check them out here).  Make sure to check the webcam before you head to a testing center to make sure the line isn’t extremely long.

Celebrate!  Once you are finished with a final, find a way to celebrate this little win!

Best of luck on your upcoming finals.  If they are your first college finals, be ready for something different, but try not to stress too much about them.  In the end, you will receive a grade and move on with your life.  And as always,

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