Now Introducing… Kassidy!

Hey y’all! Since this is my first blog and I’m kind of new around here, I thought I would properly introduce myself! My name is Kassidy and I’m a freshman majoring in animal ecology. I hail from South Dakota, the Rushmore State. I come from a tiny town of about 500 and my graduating class was 17 students. Some quick facts about South Dakota, we are literally divided into West River and East River by the mighty Missouri River and we are the home of the world’s only Corn Palace!

So moving on, I’m a farm girl. I live on a dairy farm that consists of a herd of about 100. We also have three horses named Will, JR, and Honey, a bundle of cats and kittens, our farm dog Bosco, and a cat named Bob who acts like a dog. I mean it, he literally acts like a dog.


The cat is the infamous Bob and of course, my favorite pooch Bosco.

I have been showing dairy cattle since I could walk. It is one of my favorite things to do and I have loved every single moment of it! We show mostly Holsteins but we do have a small Guernsey herd as well. We aren’t too intense when it comes to showing, but we have been to a few region and state shows as well as World Dairy Expo.

scan0001 (1)

As you can see, I was a cute little sucker in the show ring!

I am currently part of the Natural Resources Ecology Management, or NREM, Learning Community that resides in Willow and I love it! I’ve gotten to be part of many fun opportunities. Oh, and let me just say, these people are pretty amazing! There is never a dull moment when you are around these guys, just ask our adviser. Not to mention, we get to do some pretty awesome things. In September, we participated in the Dragoon River Clean Up and we found some pretty interesting things such as one of those Little Tikes turtle sand boxes, tons of tires, and my big find was a pair of scissors. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have gone to the Blank Park Zoo and through a class, we got to go on a weekend camping trip!


[Photo Credit to Jacqueline Boorom]

Here is a picture from a that weekend trip. Try playing soccer and tag in a canoe without tipping over!

So since I could ramble on forever here are some quick facts about me!

  •  I LOVE Christmas! (Thank goodness it’s that time of year again!) Spending time with the family, decorating the tree, Christmas decorations, all the baking, giving presents…. I love it all!
  • I love to bake and try new recipes! The fact that my dorm hall doesn’t have a kitchen is almost torture but getting to watch Rachael Ray everyday somewhat makes up for it!
  • I’m obsessed with eating healthy. I am that person in the dining center that holds up the line so I can read the nutrition cards. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a fun sized candy bar now and then 😉
  • I’m active in the Running Club, Dairy Science Club, Equine Club, and Block and Bridle.
  • Some of my favorite places on campus are the atrium in Kildee Hall, the Hub, and of course central campus. I also love going to the trails in the parks here in Ames as well as the University Lutheran Center.

Well that’s only a little about me! But I hope to share more of my adventures here at Iowa State with you!

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