My summer in Spain

Hello Cyclone Nation!

My name is Rachel Hagg and I am an ambassador for the College of Business here on campus. I’m wanting to know how you spent your past summer. Did you get that dream summer internship at the career fair? Or take a few well deserved months to yourself and forget about school while you could? How about hanging out at the pool and eating ice cream from your favorite local spot? While all of these are pretty typical options, I want to share with you my not so typical, life-changing experience last summer that any ISU student has the opportunity to do as well!


Over this past summer, I was fortunate enough to spend six weeks on the Mediterranean Coast in Valencia, Spain! During the course of my program I was able to earn six credits through the University of Valencia that applied not only to my Spanish minor, but also my secondary major in international business. As an international business major, you are required to have an abroad experience and this six week summer session seemed to be the perfect fit! After arriving in Spain, we toured Madrid, the country’s capital, for two days before heading east to Valencia. Living with a host family, who spoke little to no English, was an incredible opportunity that really allowed me to develop my Spanish speaking skills. I also enjoyed observing the way Spanish culture affected business structure and the dynamics of their economy. Due to the infamous “siesta”, which is a 3-4 hour midday lunch/nap that occurs every day, businesses shut down between the hours of 1 pm and 5 pm. This observation opened my eyes to how business can be conducted differently in various countries due to the influence of cultural traditions.


Living in a foreign country, for any length of time, even if you aren’t an international business major or minoring in a foreign language, is truly an experience I recommend every college student have before graduating. The College of Business offers many programs that range from China and Japan to European cities such as Rome and Florence. These places offer sights and knowledge you are not able to see and acquire spending your summer in the United States. So next summer when you are trying to decide whether you want to hang by your local pool eating ice cream or lay on your couch watching Netflix, remember that you could be sitting on the beach in Valencia with your toes in the Mediterranean Sea or eating homemade gelato from Italy. Don’t let your next summer be another typical summer. Sign up for one of the amazing experiences offered to us as ISU students through study abroad opportunities today!


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