New Shows! Check Em Out!

Hi, how are y’all doing? I hope great because I got some AWESOME news-on something brand new coming to ISU. (see what I did there? I took my last name and made a pun!)


I will be hosting two new web shows with my buddy Romina (check out her blogs too). The shows are ISU: For The Win and What You Wanna Say, ISU?; both are awesome, yet very different, but they will bring some news.

ISU: For The Win (ISU: FTW for short) is a show where myself, Romina or both of us, will take on different challenges with a Cyclone twist on it (I think I made another pun). But it won’t be just us, the other bloggers are joining in on the fun too. Each challenge will have one winner, while the loser has to draw a dare (suggested by you guys) from a hat and perform it on camera. So obviously, you wanna go for the win.

giphy (1)

What You Wanna Say, ISU? is a standard on-campus interview show where the bloggers will get some questions about the city, local news, and ISU itself to ask our special guests. Oh, did I mention that the “special” guests are the students? There’s no one better to ask about campus life than the students who roam this lovely campus, so check it out and you guys might see your smiling face on here.


These are just a few ideas for shows that I wanna bring to the campus and show the world a little more about my new home. Let me know what you think below and how I can improve these ideas.

‘Til next time…

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