Things To Do when your Roommate is Gone for a Weekend

Whether your roommate is your best friend or someone you don’t necessarily get along with, there will come a time when they will be gone a weekend. In my opinion, having a room to yourself seems like an awesome thing! Here are some things that you can take advantage of when your roommate is gone for the weekend. Time to go crazy, because you’re home alone!


  • You can wear whatever you want, or wear nothing at all, whatever floats your boat. Maybe even rummage through your roommate’s closet, as long as you put everything exactly back where it belongs, of course.


  • You don’t have to pick up after your self…well at least until the hour before they will be returning.


  • Play any type of music, at whatever volume you like, whenever you want!


  • This means… DANCE PARTY. Bust a move and jam out. Just make sure you shut your blinds to save yourself from some embarrassment.


  • Maybe you can even get away with eating some their food. Just make sure to hide the evidence of course!


  • Watch all of those movies and TV shows that you secretly love but you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone. Cry and laugh as hard as you want, no one is there to judge you!



But when the time comes and you realize that your room is a mess, you haven’t showered the whole weekend and didn’t complete any homework, you will realize that you miss them. Cause let’s face it, they make up over 50% of your human interaction on most days. 😉


Shine on,

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