by Nate

SHHHH! I have some secrets to share!

So I am not sharing this information with you, and you do not know where it came from, but here are some fun secrets I have to share with you about random things at Iowa State.

Memorial Union Parking Passes |

Have you ever had to run and park at the Memorial Union to buy a couple things from the Book Store and been disappointed when all of the cheaper meter spots are taken?  Well I have a solution for you.   If you are buying something from the Book Store, you can ask for a parking pass when you are checking out.  This little piece of heaven will take an hour of your total time in the MU Parking Ramp.  So, for those quick stops, you don’t even have to pay anything to park there!  Way better than a $15-30 parking ticket.

The Dirty Hipster |

So this one is a long shot, but it is definitely my favorite drink made by any of the cafes on campus.  This goes back to a competition between the baristas in 2012 about creating new drinks for the menus.  One of them shared with me their recipe, a Dirty Hipster, and I was hooked.  It is sorta like a latte, but with tea instead of espresso, topped with honey and raw sugar.  I believe most of the baristas who know the recipe have graduated, but there is a slim chance that if you ask for it, you might be able to find someone who knows how to make it! (P.S. ISU Dining, if you’re reading this, you should definitely serve these again for a drink special!)

Roasterie Cup

Ping Pong on 5th Floor of Design |

Not many people meander up to the 5th floor of the College of Design, unless you have a class up there.  However, in the one corner, there is a dilapidated ping pong table to let off some stress from a hard day in studio.  My only advice is to bring your own paddles and balls, as there is only a table and net.

The Albino Squirrel isn’t albino |

Sorry to break your hearts, but turns out, the white colored squirrel you see running around campus is actually leucistic, which means it has lighter colored fur than other squirrels.  Thankfully he isn’t albino, though, as albino squirrels have pink/red eyes and would be very scary to encounter on campus.

The Memorial Union Browsing Library |

The best place to study on campus (or take a nice nap), the Browsing Library is tucked away on the 2nd floor, with very few people visiting it.  Also, there is the original chapel from the Memorial Union down in the Browsing Library.  Don’t be too loud when you go to check it out, because you will definitely get some stares if you do!  The comfortable furniture and atmosphere make up for the quiet though!

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