Surviving the Cold

Having lived in a country with a desert-like climate, moving to the United States, and particularly Iowa was going to be difficult. Of course I heard about what to expect from the Midwest in terms of cold and snow, but actually living here was far beyond my expectations.

Mid-October is usually when it starts becoming chilly. Sure, it is a nice change from the warm summer weather and wearing a sweater wouldn’t hurt. However, as November and December approach, you really need to bulk up on clothes. It is sometimes cold enough where I have to wear three layers of clothes and a coat. The cold carries on until March-April, when spring season starts.

The cold winter is not always a bad thing though. Living in such a climate could be a great experience for anyone who hasn’t witnessed harsh winters before; like myself. Not to mention the beautiful sight of campus covered in a layer of white!


Make sure you are wearing boots to battle through several inches of snow and wearing a hat to keep your ears warm when you’re going to live in Iowa, because it could get messy. Once you’ve done that, you’re in for a nice surprise. You might even stop and take a nice picture just like I did!

Amro is a sophomore in industrial engineering.

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