Going Home

Can you believe the semester is almost over? Let’s give ourselves a big round of applause for making it through another year at Iowa State. It is now time for the most of us to start wrapping up the semester, packing our bags, and making plans to leave Ames. For some of us, however, leaving Ames is a little more special than others. It’s not that we don’t like being in Ames; because we do! But being away from home for a really long time makes us miss it in ways you can’t imagine. Yes, we international students are a very long way from home!

Some international students go back home every year, some go back every other year, and others choose to stay in the United States until they finish their entire college years before heading back. Being away from our families, childhood friends, and cultures, evidently leads to a few times when we really miss our homes. From the little things like our favorite traditional home-cooked meals, to speaking your language with your friends and family, and being around the culture which you grow up in, going home is certainly something to look forward to. Fortunately for me, I will be going back home to Jordan this summer!

One of the biggest things that I’m looking forward to this summer is being with my family again. You really learn to appreciate the big family celebrations and holidays once you leave the country and miss out on these events. You even realize how special family dinners are when you sit on the dinner table eating everything you can get your hands on as your family members stare at you thinking you have been living in poverty throughout the year.

Another reason I’m excited to go back home is to be with my childhood friends again. Now that we all live in different cities, and even countries, any chance we have at reuniting is cherished. Seeing the people that you grew up with and catching up with them is a really great thing!

The only thing I am not looking forward to in going home and coming back to Ames, however, is the actual means and time needed to get there. Being from halfway across the world, it takes about 24-26 hours to get back home! In order to reach my destination I must take three different flights; the shortest being an hour long and the longest being nine hours long! As you can guess, being stuck in an uncomfortable airplane seat for nine hours is not the greatest thing ever. If you ask me, though, it is totally worth it!


Amro is an International Student Ambassador from Jordan.

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