How to Beat Procrastination

Question: How do you beat procrastination?

Answer: You don’t.

Because that’s what a procrastinator would do.

I think I speak for every procrastinator out there who wishes they can add “Master of Procrastination” on their resumes. Especially when you are the type to do everything last minute, but also manage to excel at the task more than you’d think.

People always look at procrastination as a bad thing, but I think it’s something to embrace. There’s a certain art or skill when it comes to procrastinating. Or maybe it’s something only my fellow procrastinators will understand?? Take a look below to see if you can relate…or take a look at it later? 😉 :

Signs You’re A Procrastinator:

1. Everything that you wouldn’t regularly do, all of a sudden becomes appealing. For example, cleaning your room,

Doing laundry

Working out, etc.

You have this mentality to get a lot of stuff done! Everything except for the actual task you need to do….

2. You claim you work better “under pressure”

3. You’ve fallen asleep while doing homework at 3AM

4. Or you hit the hay at your normal time and intentionally wake up earlier to get your work done. Yes, this includes studying for that exam.

5. OR you just lose a lot of sleep in general 🙁 Unfortunately, we’ve all been there, Raven.

6. From the lack of sleep, you’ve become dependent on coffee. Your best friend.

7. When your professor announces the due date for an assignment in class, you don’t write anything in your planner because you will “remember it later”.

& When you’re classmates ask you when an assignment is due, this is also probably the first time you’ve heard about the assignment A.K.A you don’t know when it’s due.

8. You can’t keep track of what day it is. Is it the 30th of March? or the 29? Wait, it’s APRIL?!?

9. You turn your assignment in last minute.

10. That certain feeling you get when you get a good grade on something you started the night before it was due-

11. You are constantly telling yourself “Never again” to procrastinating, but it doesn’t always work out the way you plan…

12. Organization isn’t your strongest suit. However, you sure do give a lot of effort in trying to be!!!!!

13. You find yourself taking on a lot of challenges. A paper and a quiz due tonight? BRING IT.

14. You’re excellent at multitasking.

15. Time Management? Got it down. You’ve definitely learned about how to spend your time wisely by estimating the time it will take for you to complete an assignment. 5 page paper? Oh, that will probably be 6.5 hours. 

16. When your friends invite you somewhere, your answer is usually “Yes”


So who says that being a procrastinator is bad? From this list, it looks like you are being pretty productive to me! So take that procrastination you have and own it like a boss!

But if you want to know the real answer of how to beat procrastination,
Use the time you have wisely and don’t let yourself get distracted (a problem us procrastinators are still trying to work on.. 😉 )


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