Surviving Finals

It’s that time of year again. With finals just around the corner, nearly all the students at Iowa State go into panic mode. One thing is almost certain come finals week; anxiety levels will be at a maximum and you’ll be lucky if you are able to find a seat in the overcrowded library! Luckily, I have devised a great plan that makes finals just a little less of an exhaustive.

Step one of surviving finals is to make a list of all your final exam dates and times. That way, you prepare yourself for what is to come and that allows you to create a study schedule based on the order of their occurrence.

Step two, you guessed it, create a study schedule! Creating a schedule for the times and subjects that you study works great for me. It allows me to tackle my subjects one at a time and be prepared to face my finals.

Step three of surviving finals is to ACTUALLY study. This is easier said than done, but remember all the time you invest in studying will be very rewarding at the end. Therefore, log off Facebook, put your phone away, and get your head in the books! Don’t forget to take breaks while studying, otherwise, you will exhaust yourself and all the time you put into studying won’t be very beneficial. Breaks can be anything from going out for a walk in this beautiful spring weather, to going to the gym for a quick workout to release stress, or even just blast some music in your room and play video games.

Step four, go to your finals! Make sure to get sleep well the night before your finals, eat a balanced meal, and believe in yourself. Finals will be soon over and it will be summer before you know it! 🙂


Amro is an International Student Ambassador.

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