Summer 2015: A Cyclone Aide Adventure

“Hello there! My name is Paige Taylor, and I am a junior in public relations from Armstrong, Iowa…”

Oh! Sorry, I was just practicing my formal Cyclone Aide introduction. If you can’t tell, I am pretty pumped for Summer 2015 to come! This year I will be staying in the beautiful city of Ames as I will be a part of the Cyclone Aide Class of 2015. I’ve never experienced our gorgeous campus in the summer months, and I can barely contain my excitement!

Cyclone Aides facilitate new student orientation and Destination Iowa State (DIS). We will represent our colleges and be the smiling faces you see on campus during your experience at these two awesome events! I will be representing the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. My class and I have been working hard in our leadership seminar course this semester, where we have been learning about campus resources, practicing public speaking, and preparing for our orientation and Destination Iowa State duties. We also wear snazzy red polos and crisply ironed khakis and have immense amounts of fun.

CA 2015

This summer I will get the opportunity to live with the other awesome Cyclone Aides in Maple Hall during June orientation and Frederiksen Court for the remaining months. I am excited to have the opportunity to move back into a residence hall, if even for just a summer! With 40 of the most fun personalities I have ever encountered, I think it will be a summer for the books.

If you’ll be attending orientation and DIS this summer, I can’t wait to meet you! Comment below if you are excited for these essential Cyclone adventures. 🙂

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