Five times you realize mom and dad were probably right

Come on, admit it: As you have gotten older, you’ve realized that your parents were right about things a lot more than you thought they were right about at the time. Like all those times they said, you’re going to regret doing that someday and you were a little know-it-all and didn’t believe them so you went ahead and did it anyways.

Now, it’s kind of painful. My parents love to make fun of me for my bad hair years that I insisted on keeping, even for important events like my confirmation. So, now my confirmation picture sits in the living room and causes plenty of embarrassment for Chris. Awkward. Here are a few other times that you realize your parents were probably right. They’re like Google. They know everything.

1. College

I’ll just start off by saying that your parents are probably right about pretty much everything relating to college. Will you make friends? Mom says yes. Will it be harder than high school? Dad says yes. Is it a little bit intimidating at first? Yes. Will everything be okay? Yes.

2. Laundry 

Before I left for college, mom tried to give me one final laundry lesson. Mom said I needed to do one load for lights and one load for darks. I thought this was ridiculous. Why waste more quarters for laundry? Forget that, I’m putting in all my clothes in one machine and it’ll be fine. Pro tip: It was not fine. You win again, mom.

3. When they tell you to put on sunscreen

Yeah, just because you are in college does NOT mean the sun changes. Mom wasn’t around to tell me to put sunscreen on this weekend…I got burned. Also, pretty much the entire winter, they were right. Chris, wear a jacket, wear a hat, wear gloves. Nope. I got colds instead. Awesome. Mom and dad 3,
Chris 0.

4. Spending more time at home

There were probably a few times in the summer leading up to your first semester of college when your parents encouraged you to stay home on a Friday or Saturday night and spend some more time with your family, but, of course, you had other plans and didn’t stay home. Then, before you knew it you were sitting in your dorm room and feeling a little bit home sick. Another point for the parents.

5. Chores

Remember when your parents would ask you to do just a couple chores one day and a couple chores another day to keep the house clean or the yard clean or whatever? Yup. Should have kept that up, because I haven’t seen the floor in my room for weeks (kidding, Mom). But, seriously. Cleaning is a lot more tolerable when you do a little at a time instead of letting everything pile up.

The real kicker

There are far too many of these to pick out specific examples for this one, but how many times have you been in an argument with your parents about something dumb and mom or dad pulls out the “Someday you will understand when you are older” line? As much as you hate to admit it, they were probably right and you were probably wrong.

The final tally: Mom and dad 99, Chris 1. I’m holding out hope that I was right just one of those times. But, I probably wasn’t.

So, there it is. Listen to your parents, folks. As my dad always said, “We’re not as dumb as you think we are!”

Turns out, they’re actually pretty smart. 🙂

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