Backpack Must Haves

Your backpack is your life. It’s your survivor pack for this crazy, fun, and sometimes harsh world that we call college. It’s your food supply (whether you bring your lunch or cash to buy one). It’s your source of entertainment (because we all keep our phones in our backpacks during class AT ALL TIMES 😉 ). It doubles as an umbrella when you forget yours on rainy days. And it holds all the gear you could possibly need for life’s hardest obstacles (exams, essays, homework, labs). With textbooks these days that practically weigh about the same as a newborn baby, your backpack is practically your SAVIOR.

Because you are all so curious to see what I carry with me to class (sarcasm here), I made a video for all you visual people out there. One thing I forgot to include in the video would be my phone charger, which comes in handy on the long days where I have work right after class. Also, tissues. Tissues are a good thing to keep in your backpack too.


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