10 struggles all college students can relate to

Welcome to college, where everyday brings about 15,000 panic attacks. Okay, it’s not that bad. Some days feel like a breeze and others feel like they’ll never end. Sometimes a whole week seems to go by super quick and others drag on seemingly forever. Either way, here are a few basic struggles you are sure to encounter.

1. Always being tired

It doesn’t matter if my first class is at 8 o’clock or 11 o’clock. I am always tired. I feel like I could sleep the whole weekend and still be exhausted come Monday morning. The combination of a social life, classes, homework, work, and extracurricular obligations leave us in a constant state of tiredness.

2. Always being hungry

ALL. THE. TIME. I’m never not hungry. Maybe it’s because of my sub par cooking skills. Maybe it’s because I can’t afford good food and am reduced to Ramen noodles and macaroni on a nightly basis. Who knows.


How many times have you wanted to do something, but didn’t because you couldn’t afford such luxuries? Every day? 🙁 College is expensive. Being an adult is expensive. I quit checking my bank account, because it makes me too sad. Don’t worry, though. Someday you’ll get that big boy job that pays you a huge salary and it’ll all be worth it.

4. Struggling with time management 

Ain’t nobody got time for anything! Homework? Nah. Work? Nah. Anything? Nah. Time management will become an issue at some point. For sure.

5. Pulling an all nighter

At some point, you’ll probably have to pull an all nighter and stay up studying for that test or writing a paper at the last minute. Due to your lack of time management (see above), you’ll likely be pushed into this scenario at least once. Have fun! 🙂

6. Trying (failing?) to avoid the freshman 15

This was me at the dining center for the first few months freshman year. THERE IS SO MUCH FOOD. And it is a buffet style, which means I wanted to eat everything in sight. Avoiding the freshman 15 is definitely a struggle.

7. Then making the worst meals possible

Eventually, you’ll probably transition away from the dining centers and start making your own food creations. And you’ll probably make some nasty stuff. Like Elf putting syrup and candy and all that on his spaghetti. My worst meal: I tried to make a pasta salad. I don’t know what went wrong, but something definitely went wrong.

8. Missing home

It’s been a while since you’ve went home and when you finally finish up a long week of classes on Friday afternoon, sometimes you feel just like Tommy Pickles.

9. Having roommates

Roommates can be super awesome. Roommates can also be a pain. Either way, you’ll have to deal with it. Having a roommate is definitely a struggle you’ll encounter at some point, even if your roommate is your best friend.


Procrastination is my biggest struggle. Oh, I have four tests, three papers, two quizzes, and a group presentation this week? Let me sit on the couch and do nothing for a while. :/

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